PwC-Immospektive is aimed at all players in the Swiss real estate market and provides an incisive overview of current market activity.

In addition to clear presentation and interpretation of the latest figures from research and consultancy company Fahrländer Partner, the publication also shows the influence of economic data on various segments and real estate submarkets. Each issue also takes a closer look at current market developments and sector trends. PwC-Immospektive is published quarterly – at the same time as the meta-analysis by Fahrländer Partner.

Interpretation of the FPRE real estate meta analysis for Q2/20

15 May 2020 

Forecasts are particularly fraught with uncertainty during the COVID-19 crisis. A deep recession is unavoidable, but once lockdown is over we may still see a fast recovery. There is a downward trend in the level of employment growth and immigration. Domestic consumption has collapsed, at least temporarily. Despite a slight increase in financing costs, the residential real estate market is a safe haven for investors and is proving to be robust during the crisis. There has been little direct impact on office real estate in the short term, although rents in this segment had already dipped prior to COVID-19, and the forecasts are looking gloomier. The long-troubled retail spaces are under even greater pressure due to lockdown and the acceleration in digital transformation.

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