PwC-Immospektive is aimed at all players in the Swiss real estate market and provides an incisive overview of current market activity.

In addition to clear presentation and interpretation of the latest figures from research and consultancy company Fahrländer Partner, the publication also shows the influence of economic data on various segments and real estate submarkets. Each issue also takes a closer look at current market developments and sector trends. PwC-Immospektive is published quarterly – at the same time as the meta-analysis by Fahrländer Partner.

Interpretation of the FPRE real estate meta-analysis for Q4/20 

20 November 2020 

The Swiss economy is again showing signs of restraint, after having regained momentum during the summer. A flatter recovery curve is expected. As an asset class, real estate can continue benefiting from the low interest rate environment for some time to come, but in the real estate market there is noticeable uncertainty, particularly in the cyclical areas. Office rents are continuing to fall, and the returns required for commercially used properties are rising. The rental housing segment has been robust so far but has recently also had to contend with lower rents and higher vacancy rates. Investor demand is nevertheless still strong. Revenue forecasts for the construction sector are now decreasing. Only the owner-occupied housing market is remaining unwaveringly positive and is benefiting from the structural transformation. 

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