Digital Change Management: The «right» approach for realising the benefits of your cloud solutions

Jeremy Wikler Senior Manager, Technology Change and Adoption, PwC Switzerland 14/02/23

As we’ve mentioned in our previous articles, cloud solutions offer a multitude of benefits yet realising those benefits has proven to be more difficult than initially expected. As implementing new cloud solutions is increasingly being treated as a «business» project, we need to switch our approach to these solutions. But what could that approach look like?

Principles that apply even to your unique organisation

You don’t need an expert to tell you that each organisation is unique in terms of how it works and its people. That means assuming the existence of a «one-size fits-all» approach is also a mistake. We’ve identified several general principles that are crucial for the proper, successful adoption of a cloud solution and an organisation’s ability to realise its benefits.

As we look at these principles, think about how they are currently applied within your organisation. If at all.

Basic principles of cloud adoption:

  • Start early and keep it up – When it comes to proper adoption, we believe you can’t start early enough. When planning the implementation of your new cloud solution, it’s important that you also start thinking about long-term adoption and how you, together with your people, can facilitate the level of adoption needed.
  • Create an organisation of change – As you implement the solution and start to offer training and upskilling opportunities, seize this opportunity to transform your organisation into an organisation of change. The cloud is changing constantly and your organisation needs to be ready to train and upskill its employees on an ongoing basis in order to realise the solution’s potential benefits.
  • Your people at the core – Since the benefits of cloud solutions can only be realised together with your people, keeping them in mind while also putting them at the core of it all is crucial. Only by understanding how they work, how much time they have for training and where you can best apply the new solution will you be able to make the most of the benefits they offer.
  • Make it attractive and «applicable» – Continuous training and upskilling is crucial but how can you make those a reality when your people are already so busy? Aim for continuous training and make the content as attractive as possible. Creating an attractive learning experience is no easy task but feasible if the content is «applicable». In concrete terms, that means teaching content that can be applied directly to your people’s day-to-day work and by keeping training sessions short.
  • Keep it up to date – Given the fact that the cloud is constantly evolving, chances are good that the training you’ve prepared could become outdated in a matter of months or even weeks in some cases. As information starts to become outdated, you then lose the «applicable» aspect of your learning approach. With that in mind, adapting your solutions to keep pace with any changes made to cloud solutions becomes crucial. Not only that, but the same applies to the materials you provide to your people: Keep them up to date.

How can Connected Efficiency Studio help

You can’t start too early, but it’s never too late  

When it comes to realising cloud benefits, we believe that you can’t start early enough. But if you’re worried that you didn’t start on time, have no fear. In our opinion, it’s never too late to start and realise the benefits of your new cloud solutions. What’s crucial is that you do something – regardless of whether you start early or late – and keep investing in your people.

We understand that these concepts might not be easy to apply to your organisation and would be happy to discuss them with you and share our experiences.


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