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Boosting sales through targeted marketing campaigns in the automotive sector

Harnessing the power of high-quality engagement in the Automotive industry
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We helped one of Germany‚Äôs top car manufacturers achieve over 10,000 additional car sales in Germany within 15 months by offering actionable insights to the sales team and executing hyper- personalised marketing campaigns. 


Our client, a major German car manufacturer, was taking a mass Marketing approach , with campaigns running across multiple channels for all customers and prospects. This lack of personalisation meant that customers were often bombarded with irrelevant messages, leading to increased annoyance and reduced engagement. As a result, the campaigns suffered from low click-through rates and reduced returns on ad spend. The client recognised the need to move towards tailored marketing campaigns that could effectively enhance individual customer journeys.


To do this, we undertook a rigorous analysis of the client's current business and technology scenario. This enabled us to identify the key customer data elements that would be critical to building a solution. We then built a customer data foundation (C 360) solution using Informatica, integrating data from a variety of internal and external sources. Leveraging the power of AWS, we implemented a data platform and built data models in Redshift. We built AI/ML models to gain insights into the key drivers of purchase behaviour and propensity, and the likelihood of response across different marketing channels. The results of this analysis were seamlessly integrated into the CRM engine, enabling the orchestration of finely-tuned marketing campaigns. To ensure the continuous improvement and effectiveness of these campaigns, we implemented a closed-loop feedback mechanism. We also provided Tableau-based reports and dashboards to support informed decision making.


After implementing our NBX solution, the client was able to launch personalised marketing campaigns targeting individual persons. The impact was significant: over a 15-month period in the German market, the platform solution was credited with driving over 10,000 additional car sales in Germany. There was also a tenfold increase in email click-through rates, with an increase from 600 to an impressive 6,000 clicks out of 10,000 emails.

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