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Becoming HCP centric with coordinated marketing campaigns

Becoming HCP centric with coordinated marketing campaigns
  • Case Study
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We helped a leading pharmaceutical company improve its HCP experience through coordinated marketing campaigns and HCP engagement across all brands, at both digital and in-person touchpoints.


Our client, a leading specialty pharmaceutical company, was struggling with fragmented marketing and sales processes. Heavy reliance on external agencies for marketing execution resulted in a maze of disparate and incompatible data sources. This lack of integrated data and coordination resulted in disjointed marketing activities and poor engagement with healthcare professionals (HCPs). To overhaul this system, the client sought to create an HCP360 capability that would provide a consolidated view of all HCP data and interactions across all touchpoints. The goal was to improve HCP engagement and drive a seamless internal marketing process.


To address these challenges, we built an integrated cloud platform that leveraged the capabilities of Marketing Cloud and Salesforce CDP. This platform facilitated in-house campaign execution and enabled the creation of a unified HCP profile that captured interactions and campaign engagement across all touchpoints, providing a holistic, 360-degree view of HCP interactions. The platform also included an integration layer based on Mulesoft to ensure near real-time data synchronisation with the client's existing systems. We also laid the foundation for Next Best Action (NBX) capabilities by orchestrating both digital and in-person campaigns.

Our approach was underpinned by a number of critical success factors: 

  • Working closely with key users to identify which features would really drive adoption and deliver value.

  • Recognising that successful implementation of CDP and NBX depends on a comprehensive data strategy. This includes careful data cleansing and preparation prior to ingestion.

  • Identifying basic analytics use cases to validate concepts and, in the longer term, guide the best course of action for commercial teams. 


Our strategic solution delivered tangible benefits. HCP interactions improved significantly, benefitting from streamlined marketing campaigns and consistent engagement across all brands, spanning digital and in-person touchpoints. Sales teams were empowered with timely insights into HCP campaign engagement, accessible through reports and the Veeva CRM. Enhanced segmentation capabilities ensured that campaigns were sharper and more targeted. In addition, the automations enabled by the Marketing Cloud significantly streamlined marketing processes, making them more efficient.

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