Artificial Intelligence for Tax and Legal functions

Elevating Tax and Legal functions with AI

In the swiftly evolving technological landscape, the contemporary tax and legal environment has grown intricate. Established tools, like data analysis software, continue to aid professionals for daily tasks. Now Artificial Intelligence is also reshaping the tax and legal domains with its novel capabilities and distinctive prospects.

AI stands as the catalyst revolutionising the way we approach complex tax and legal challenges. The modern tax and legal systems, known for their intricacies and demanding standards, necessitate state-of-the-art technology such as AI to provide the precision, analysis, and efficiency indispensable in today's dynamic landscape.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands out as a highly valuable tool in the tax domain, delivering benefits to both revenue authorities and businesses. Its multifaceted applications encompass:

  • Tax research and analysis.
  • Tax chatbots.
  • Tax return review and management.
  • Audit readiness.
  • Document automation.

Contemporary tax functions encounter a spectrum of intricate challenges in integrating AI, including strategic alignment, security, and privacy, change management, and user training.  Addressing these challenges adds complexity to the equation, requiring a judicious approach to AI implementation. Successfully navigating these intricacies is essential for tax functions aiming to harness AI's transformative potential while ensuring alignment with their overarching tax strategies and objectives.

AI, at its core, simulates human intelligence using machines, unlocking a realm of possibilities. It finds applications in diverse fields, ranging from basic tools that auto-complete sentences, to highly advanced models supporting employees in daily tasks. Specifically in the legal industry, AI plays a crucial role by assisting with document processing and classification across various domains, including :

  • Legal document analysis, review, and writing.
  • Legal outcome forecasting.
  • Legal chatbots.
  • Client intake.

Leveraging intelligent technology to automate these tasks yields significant workflow benefits, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. However, modern legal functions face a range of intricate challenges when integrating AI into their operations. These challenges involve strategic alignment, decision-making in AI implementation, and the practical application of AI use cases. Navigating these intricacies is crucial for legal functions seeking to harness AI's transformative potential while ensuring it aligns seamlessly with their overarching legal strategies and objectives.

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At our core, we are dedicated to addressing our clients' challenges holistically. We believe that lasting value is created by going beyond quick fixes, embracing the idea that no problem can be adequately resolved with a unilateral solution. Instead, our approach is grounded in the belief that solutions are born at the crossroads of business, experience, and technology. This philosophy is mirrored in our multidisciplinary teams, each crafted to ensure that every aspect of your challenge is expertly considered. We take pride in being a community of solvers, with teams supported by a vast global network of specialists, working collaboratively to deliver enduring and innovative solutions. 

We develop a strategic vision for AI that aligns with your organisational tax or legal strategy and upholds ethical values and risk tolerance. We assess the impact of AI on your core legal functions, aiding in preparations for potential changes, and identifying revenue opportunities and cost implications due to AI integration. 

We specialise in developing and prioritising AI use cases for tax or legal, evaluating their benefits and risks, and offering insights to maximise return on investment (ROI). We guide in assessing the vendor ecosystem, enabling informed decisions on building, or buying AI solutions for tax or legal functions, and creating technical roadmaps for legal-specific Proofs of Concept. 

We assess and optimise your organisation’s data infrastructure, bolster tailored compliance frameworks, and enhance data privacy and security measures to tackle AI-related challenges and opportunities within the tax or legal domain.

We excel in developing people-centred AI solutions and strategies. Our assessments comprehensively evaluate the potential impacts of AI on tax or legal functions, followed by the design and implementation of custom change journeys.  

We continuously research the ever-changing landscape of AI solutions and select the technology that is best suited to the client’s problem. Our approach encompasses both the integration of off-the-shelf AI solutions and the creation of customised AI systems crafted to match our client's exact requirements. By harnessing cutting-edge AI innovations, including state-of-the-art Generative AI models, we ensure that our clients receive tailored and pioneering solutions. 

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