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Create value from information, while managing risks

We help companies to get the most out of their business information and data whilst keeping the associated risks under control. We want your organisation to reach its targets in terms of value creation, process efficiency and compliance with legal requirements when handling information. Our approach takes into account the company's individual environment and the entire data lifecycle from creation through to storage and deletion.

The aim is to ensure that information and data can support your organisation as much as possible in achieving your company targets.

Data and Information are a vital enterprise asset and like any other asset they should be managed according to the stakeholder requirements throughout the entire value chain.

Ralf HofstetterDirector Trust & Transparency Solutions, PwC Switzerland

Our services

Data management

We now have more data at our fingertips than ever before, offering boundless potential. But we do not often take advantage of this, or at least not in line with regulations on data protection and privacy. Our main focus is therefore on helping our clients make the most of their data, with governance and data protection at the heart of everything we do. We are highly experienced at conducting assessments and making sure they meet national and international, legal and regulatory requirements and standards. And we are happy to provide this expertise on data governance as part of our consulting, implementation and auditing/reviewing services.

Electronic archiving

Electronic archiving (e-archiving) is key to the efficient processing of electronic business information and therefore digitalising your company. We help you to implement, realise and test in the electronic archive environment in an appropriate way, i.e. in compliance with requirements. This can be achieved through project-related consulting, health checks or certifications based on the internationally recognised ISAE standard, for example.

Electronic invoicing

Electronic and automated invoicing speeds up payments processing and creates lean, efficient structures and processes. You save on the costs of creating, sending, filing, accessing and archiving your electronic invoices. We help you plan and roll out electronic invoicing in accordance with applicable legal principles and leading practice approaches.

Records management

Records management, i.e. administering and storing corporate data and documents, is an ever more demanding task and now also involves increased legal, regulatory and operational risks. We support you in addressing and minimising the risks for your company while complying with all relevant national and international legal and regulatory requirements. We also help you identify your needs and make further improvements to your systems, processes and controls (e.g. electronic invoicing and file storage) based on these needs. Some of the ways we provide support:

  • We create organisational structures, define corresponding roles and responsibilities and prepare relevant guidelines (governance).
  • We identify the national and international legal and regulatory requirements relevant to your business and operations.
  • We evaluate the organisational and/or technical solutions that best fit your current and future requirements (e.g. with regards to electronic archiving).

Electronic signatures

The pandemic is making it increasingly difficult to efficiently sign documents, such as contracts, by hand and thus give them legal force. This is because contracts have to be sent to the relevant signatories by post, a time-consuming process. Qualified electronic signatures can replace handwritten signatures so you can streamline your processes and controls and make them more efficient. We help you interpret national and international legal and regulatory requirements and correctly implement them. We also provide you with support for audits of the documented and/or implemented solutions.

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