Information Governance

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Create value from information, while managing risks

We help companies to get the most out of their business information and data whilst keeping the associated risks under control. We want your organisation to reach its targets in terms of value creation, process efficiency and compliance with legal requirements when handling information. Our approach takes into account the company's individual environment and the entire data lifecycle from creation through to storage and deletion.

The aim is to ensure that information and data can support your organisation as much as possible in achieving your company targets.

Information Governance

Data and Information are a vital enterprise asset and like any other asset they should be managed according to the stakeholder requirements throughout the entire value chain.

Ralf Hofstetter Director Trust & Transparency Solutions, PwC Switzerland

What we do for clients

We offer a range of services to help you transform your information governance from extra work and expense into a way of adding value:

GAP analysis

Together we define your goals in terms of handling business information, taking account of all the relevant stakeholders and their requirements. We analyse the gaps between the current situation and your goals.

Solution approach

We use the gap analysis to help you formulate a coherent strategy for managing business information.

To do this we survey internal and external factors such as your business and organisational structure, information flows and life cycles, compliance, IT and stakeholders. You follow the approaches we formulate together to gradually close the gaps and optimise your business processes.


As an external partner, we help you to identify the laws and regulatory requirements that are relevant to you. These basic prerequisites place a number demands on you when it comes to handling information and ensuring its quality, for instance in relation to confidentiality, availability, traceability, integrity and protection. There is a certain degree of leeway with regard to the interpretation and implementation of laws and industry guidelines. Care should be taken that an error of judgement or incorrect implementation does not result in unacceptable risks.


Working alongside you, we draw up a detailed concept for the implementation of strategies, governance and solutions. The concept also defines roles and responsibilities and sets out gradual implementation plans to ensure that your project will meet its objectives. Where necessary, we help you to prepare solution design documents in accordance with the legal requirements. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to embrace change and train your staff accordingly.


To ensure that we can together achieve the successful implementation of your detailed concept, its complexity should be reduced by breaking it down into subgoals and milestones, and the implementation should be sought progressively. Structural adaptations and optimisations of your organisation, processes and systems are vital at this stage. To remain confident in complex situations, it is worth engaging in continuous comparison of your strategy and both internal and external requirements on the basis of the performed Gap analysis. Since the challenges facing your organisation in connection with handling information change over time, executing these phases should be part of an ongoing process.


If you are already proficient in handling data and information, or if you are in the process of planning or completing a project, you can choose to entrust us with the verification of your environment. This will enable you to obtain confirmation that your organisation, processes and systems meet the legal requirements with regard to the handling of information. You can pass on this attestation to your internal and external partners, and even to authorities. The process is based on internationally recognised assurance standards. An attestation will allow you to establish trust and leave you free to concentrate on your core tasks without any concerns.

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