Fixing Finance to drive strategic business value

Bringing your Finance functions into the future

Today’s Finance teams must be able to help companies build their future, not just manage the present. In a modern business, Finance can, and should be, a trusted business partner, providing valuable data-driven insights using advanced data analytics to support more effective management decisions and, ultimately, boost business growth and profitability. Now is the time to adapt your Finance team to the changing environment and bring your Finance function into the future.

The key obstacles

Many of our clients already know the importance of leveraging technology to generate data-driven value-adds and improve their financial performance. However, they often still struggle because they lack at least one of the following:

  • skilled resources 
  • a viable, experience-proven strategic plan (roadmap);
  • time
  • a comprehensive overview of the technologies available;
  • the latest and most appropriate methodologies;
  • clearly identified and comprehensive use cases.

How we can help you to overcome these obstacles

Explore our suite of services and solutions described below to modernise your Finance functions.

Applying our unique and flexible BXT (Business, Experience and Technology) framework, we can transform a high volume of unstructured data into valuable insights. This, in turn, can be used to accelerate your digital Finance transformation. Our framework builds on the following:


Industrial know-how and long-standing expertise in business processes, including purchase to pay, order to cash, inventory, general ledger, fixed assets, project management, and net working capital. We combine conventional project approaches with business agility to drive efficiency gains.


We have a proven track record in Finance transformation projects. We know the pitfalls and how they can be avoided during the journey. We also appreciate that quick wins are needed to keep all stakeholders on board and retain the funding and support required to reach the end of the journey. With you, we will decide which approach is the best fit, i.e. a holistic transformation or a speedboat agile transformation (see our suite of services).


Web-based tools deliver transparency to your processes and facilitate bulk processing of your transactions while providing all key employees with the data access they require to perform their roles effectively. The tools are ready-to-start and can be rapidly tailored to your needs. Once implemented, these tools will mean that your decisions can be based on fact-based data simulations (i.e. a ‛data-fact approach’), instead of gut feeling, and that their success can be easily measured and proven.

What we offer

Finance transformation is a long journey, and it is often challenging to pinpoint where and how to start the process. A solid basis for any transformation is a clear understanding of the as-is situation together with our experienced team. 

What we offer

Our key services for the acceleration of your digital Finance transformation include:

Finance process transformation

By using process mining and dashboarding, we can provide you with factual-data- driven insights into your current (global) Finance organisation and the processes you apply and can then develop a robust business-case-driven roadmap with you for your digital Finance transformation. In so doing, we take into account the latest technology, but also allow for the human aspects (upskilling, change management etc.) and other factors that are the key to success.

Rapid working-capital value creation

Our data-driven plug-in technology means that we can provide you with the relevant key performance indicators (KPIs), including those required for root-cause analyses, in areas such as accounts receivables, accounts payables, inventory and projects. Our agile project approach combined with our targeted technology ensures a minimum investment with a maximum return.

ICS (Internal Control System) Transformation 

We use data to challenge your current risk and control map and support you in getting the right mix of manual and automated controls. Our approach also covers organisational aspects, e.g. shifting control activities to your global business services (GBSs)/shared service centres (SSCs), as well as standardising your controls across your entire organisation to minimise redundancy and control efforts.

The benefits for you

Our goal is to make your company future proof by being the proponent of tangible change in Finance transformation. You can rely on our trusted model to drive your business forward, be it in the field of trade, industry or services, including banking and insurance, wherever that business is located. 

We know that big ideas do not create value on their own. Our job is to take those ideas and make them work for your business by applying a data-driven, trusted approach. Our team is highly skilled at building programmes that can meet your goals, creatively connecting you to the results you want. In order to make our pragmatic approach more tangible for you, why not explore with us the options available and set up a pilot project.

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