The new emphasis in corporate reporting

We can help you with your reporting, so you can provide investors and other stakeholders with the information they need for decision making.

Corporate reporting has changed a lot in recent times. It now allows a much deeper insight into the company. There is now less emphasis on comparisons with results from previous years, and with other companies. However, the changes here are mainly limited to the level of detail in the financial reporting. The common backward-looking form of reporting has come under increasing criticism because it no longer meets the needs of investors. For this reason, other components should be incorporated in reports and be merged with the traditional elements of financial reporting. We can show you how.

Integrated reporting

PwC's experts can help you to create a clearly structured and well-oriented report in which financial information, plus information on business development, risk management and sustainability of the company's strategic focus are all included.

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Materiality of reporting

We can support you with your choice of information – so only the important things are included. Anything irrelevant to the recipients will be omitted.

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Auditing/reviewing non-financial information

We can arrange for an audit of the non-financial information in your annual report by an external body. This will reassure management and strengthen stakeholder confidence.

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eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)

We can introduce you to the XBRL format. This will make comparisons of your figures much easier, and therefore more useful as a basis for management decisions.

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Process optimisation

We can help you to develop a system of reporting geared towards efficiency. This will make all reporting parameters available to you "at the touch of a button".

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