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Is your smart contract security as smart as you think it is?

Trust is good, but verification is better - especially when it comes to smart contract security. 

Smart contracts are taking power away from the middleman and fundamentally transforming the way we think about trust in the context of transactions. But what does this mean for businesses? 

Ever since ledgers were created way back in history to engender trust through transparency (for every debit, there’s a credit), businesses have been built on this concept of brokering trust. Now, with blockchain, there’s a way to decentralise and break down this infrastructure to fundamentally change the way we can invest in and access trust.

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Where do smart contracts come in?

Smart contracts are built to act on behalf of two parties for a specific transaction on the blockchain. They can easily be applied to things we already do: Buying stock options, where you pay a fee and agree to buy (or not buy) a stock based on its valuation on a specific date. Filling out your voting card. Tracking the package you mailed to your mum. The only difference is that instead of these agreements being tracked by one institution (or several), they’re now validated by records dispersed across the blockchain.

But are smart contracts really going to hold up? What about blockchain security? One day you read that blockchain is ‘immutable’. The next thing you know, it got hacked. So, what’s the reality? At the end of the day, the reliability of any smart contract and its resistance to vulnerabilities comes down to how it was built. It’s only as strong as the code that underpins it. 

With more and more use cases every day, there are clear indicators that blockchain will be a big player in our future. So, we’ve made it our mission to help companies shape this future. We give them the confidence to explore how smart contracts and blockchain can help them transform what they do and the way they do it.

Now that the ChainSecurity team has joined PwC Switzerland, we're the world's leading provider for smart contract assurance. 

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Where are you at and what do you need?

In a field as new as distributed ledger technology (DLT), companies inevitably find themselves at very different points along the journey. We have the capabilities to guide and support you wherever you are on the path – from exploring the options and planning your route to assessing and monitoring your smart contracts once they’re in place.

Smart Contract Assurance

The capabilities we can provide along your journey



DLT has great potential, but many risks. We guide your exploration.


In many projects we see costly design mistakes. We can avoid those.

Intermediate review

Few experienced developers exist. An intermediate review quickly assures the right direction.


We assess design, functionality, and security of a smart contract before it goes live.

Monitor and respond

Get relevant metrics about your smart contracts and monitor them for incidents.

What we do for clients

We combine the strengths of automated, research-based analysis tools with the expertise of our senior assessment staff. We take our assessment further, focusing on smart contracts, but also inspecting interacting components. 

Our most recent reports

Avantgarde Finance Ltd.

Enzyme protocol

ISAE-3000 Report – Avantgarde Finance – Independent Limited Assurance Report

  • SHA-256 Hash: 12e4948e8287c0251e0a65701dc901880c839429f468f43c7dc0d7db54d16941

Appendix I – Functional specification as provided

  • SHA-256 Hash: cd0a5d9b65cd885bb972d6722125571d27a5a4c3395d1cc36f6f55ab5d070c48

Appendix II – Smart Contract Code as provided 

  • SHA-256 Hash: 6795fcc7cbe02f30e8f42b278a41ba5668a02dc05c1422c209ad50f7ffd57cec

Appendix III – Smart Contract Code Assessment (Technical Report)  

  • SHA-256 Hash: b5beafce84fed14c25b2047e3190b1a5e773170844bb922df5a5f8ef190592d6

Kyber Network Pte. Ltd.

Katalyst - Network V4

Kyber Network Pte. Ltd. - Assessment - Katalyst - Network V4

  • SHA-256 Hash: 6387f6ace55333b7e4276000a7bafd8d688c66efc06e4396e1a6ddb31e341e2c

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If you’re considering blockchain but aren’t so far down the path yet, you might want to check out our Blockchain Risk Assurance services.

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