Vertical Take-Off: A New Direction for B2B Marketplaces

The only way is up. Here’s why.

The growth of B2B marketplaces is rapidly outpacing the growth of traditional digital commerce. Vertical marketplaces are an important driver of that growth – but building them takes significant creativity, skills and stamina. Is setting up a vertical marketplace the right move for your company?

In part one of this whitepaper series, we discuss:

  • The benefits of building a vertical B2B marketplace
  • The business model choices needed to monetise a marketplace
  • The thinking around the required business capabilities and where to place them, and
  • Risks and challenges you need to know about.

B2B marketplaces are becoming more accessible and scalable with off-the-shelf digital commerce solutions. However, as there is no shortage of e-commerce channels to connect customers online, you need a tailored monetization model, an open partnership ecosystem strategy and a clear understanding of risks beyond business (e.g. regulatory and taxes) to stay ahead of the market.

Paolo Gatti, Director Customer Transformation, PwC Switzerland

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Why PwC?

From strategy to execution, PwC delivers marketplace excellence.

Marketplace value creation is best realised with a strategy that looks at the opportunity, the business and the organisational models required to execute.

PwC has developed a comprehensive approach to marketplace strategy that provides the foundation for value creation and growth that is right for you. We have the industry knowledge and resources to assess niches and are specialists in the tax, legal and regulatory aspects of your marketplace model.

Organisations launch marketplace initiatives only to find that value and growth are fleeting. Often, the complexity of operating and growing a marketplace is overwhelming and consumes initial budget projections, leading to a stalled effort.

PwC understands the complexity and resource requirements to effectively operate and grow a marketplace and will create a scaled operating plan for you.

PwC has the technology experience to develop marketplace architecture. We have strong relationships with key vendors in the marketplace, but are independent and neutral.

Scaling a marketplace requires a transition from project to programme and a scaled business with product and functional roadmaps to guide the way forward. PwC integrates experience from all functional and technical areas to create a roadmap for extended growth.

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