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MyDPO - Data Protection Officer

Monitoring and demonstrating compliance with the GDPR

MyDPO - Data Protection Officer

The principle of accountability is increasingly embedded into data protection laws and regulations. For instance, organisations subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) issued by the European Union (EU) must demonstrate their compliance with the rules.

By being transparent about how your organisation is meeting the requirements of applicable laws, you can provide the trust that your business partners, other stakeholders and society in general seek.

To help you navigate these accountability requirements, we developed a suite of services, integrated into an online and interactive platform called MyDPO that will facilitate the way you monitor and demonstrate compliance with the GDPR.

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Our services

Quick scan

Get an overview of how your data privacy environment currently addresses the GDPR requirements

The purpose of our quick scan is to provide you with an initial overview of your GDPR exposure. You complete an online questionnaire to evaluate the maturity level of your data protection capabilities and, based on your inputs, we deliver a concise report outlining your current maturity level as well as recommendations from our data protection experts. Start your free trial now!

Readiness assessment

Provide stakeholders with the confidence that you comply with GDPR requirements

Our comprehensive readiness assessment focuses on all principles for effective data privacy management. The assessment is based on our best practice framework and measure, in a granular way, your current maturity level and define a desired maturity level for data privacy management. This will result in a maturity assessment report with detailed findings, risks and prioritised and actionable recommendations to reach the desired maturity level.

GDPR compliance management

Bring GDPR compliance into operation

Our Data Protection Manager module relieves the data protection officer, or the person responsible for data privacy, from paper, Excel or Word-based documentation, and filing requirements. In addition, it allows you to identify and reduce risks. You will have access to proven PwC checklists and templates for creating the required documents and implementing processes. 

GDPR assurance programme

Adopt a data privacy certification and/or assurance programme

We are able to assist you in selecting the right attestation framework based on your organisational needs and our experience. We typically use either our proprietary Data Privacy Control Framework consisting of 700+ control criteria mapped against the GDPR’s legislative requirements or other frameworks such as the GDPR-CARPA from Luxembourg or the NOREA-PCF from the Netherlands. The output of a data privacy assurance programme is a controls attestation report based on recognised international audit standards.

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Please contact us to get a free self-assessment of the maturity of your data privacy environment or to find out more about our services and software.

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Yan Borboën

Yan Borboën

Partner Digital Assurance and Cybersecurity & Privacy, PwC Switzerland

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Vincent Colonna

Vincent Colonna

Cybersecurity and Privacy, PwC Switzerland

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