Applied AI

AI-powered processes and solutions that deliver real and direct value – and always put the customer first.

As artificial intelligence (AI) technology rapidly evolves, the applied and combined human and AI capabilities will deliver a huge benefit to any enterprise.

These benefits can be achieved with the use of data science on big data, cyber data or blockchain data, or with automation from tiring activities. It can also be generated in the form of automatically understanding text and documents or using visual information. Areas where we can support you: 

  • Automatically understanding text or documents and carving out patterns to link text to value 
  • Managing the balance of client experience and process efficiency in client interaction through voice automation and assistance
  • Minimising repetitive work, like writing conversation summaries, and assuring the best agent/client match triggering subsequent best actions
  • Computer vision for extracting insights and actions at scale
  • Spicing up surveillance and observation by means of video assistance – alerting situations or classifying and counting objects
  • Optimising your workflow processes with customised deep natural language models

Our services and solutions

At PwC, we’re a community of solvers, and our Applied AI team acts right at the centre of this change. We help you to spark innovation, sustain delivery and scale solutions driven by a business outcome from ideation to production.

Working together with the client on building and expanding new AI-driven use cases and services.

We use a data-driven approach to answer key business questions and carve out tangible actions.

We analyse and comprehend your existing data science pipeline and give support to your teams on how to improve them.

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How we help solve your challenges

Our expertise covers the understanding and synthetisation of data of any nature, including numerical, text, image, voice and video. 

We use our data science use-case methodology to evaluate your company data assets and to propose a tailored custom solution that maximises your business needs.

Our internal data science team will use their specific domain expertise and match your business question with their technology know-how.

Not only are we familiar with big tech commodity tools, but were also well connected within the start-up ecosystem resulting in various collaborations.

If required, we create custom solutions and create new innovative, potential avenues for your business.

What our client says

Trade Surveillance Solution

Together with us, SIX Exchange Regulation (SER) has developed and successfully launched the Prometheus trade monitoring application. The artificial intelligence-based software sets new standards worldwide in terms of efficiency, quality and effectiveness.

“SER was able to draw on an extremely experienced team of experts at PwC Switzerland for the development of Prometheus.”

Christian MüllerHead Surveillance & Enforcement SIX Exchange Regulation AG (SER)

Your benefits

Efficient business processes

Automate reading, understanding text and intelligently automate certain process steps.

Retrieve valuable business insights and actions

Understand any type of data (numerical, text, images, video), identify patterns and receive action point suggestions to create value.

Customer service improvement 

Gain new and better insights into customer needs, improve your claims management.

Creating competitive advantages

Make the most of your data, provide better services and create new revenue streams.

Automate complex tasks  

Implementing artificial intelligence, free your staff from tedious tasks

Support for your data science team

Validate your existing data pipelines and verify your data science results. Use our support to explore new approaches and insights.

“Successful business transformation that puts the customer centre-stage is based on the insights gained from sound data analytics combined with the use of state-of-the-art technologies. Our Applied AI team provides the support and knowledge you need.”

Alexander Schultz-WirthPartner, Leader Customer Centric Transformation, PwC Switzerland

What our client says

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Our community of solvers

By coordinating the expertise of a community of solvers across our organisation ‒ in areas like business strategy, IT, customer transformation and legal, etc. ‒ we can help you make the right decisions throughout your business transformation, from data strategy to operations and performance measurement.

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Do you want to learn more about Applied AI? If you have any questions, we'll give you an answer immediately. And we're constantly developing solutions in real time so that we can respond to new needs at any time.

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