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PHREND – Predictive healthcare with real-world evidence for neurological disorders

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An award-winning software developed by PwC combining artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics technology, medical insight and human-centred design to make the treatment of multiple sclerosis more effective and cost-efficient.


PHREND is a software developed to improve care for people with MS, a neurodegenerative disorder that mostly affects young people. With no cure found so far, therapy focuses on delaying the progress of the disease. Until now, choosing the right form of treatment for individual patients from the many options available has been largely a matter of trial and error, which is costing the healthcare system staggering amounts of money and ultimately increases the suffering of people with MS.


PwC has used a human-centred design approach to develop the personalised healthcare solution PHREND for a network of neurological specialists in collaboration with patients, their doctors and leading universities. The tool employs an algorithm driven by artificial intelligence (AI) to generate predictions of treatment efficacy within seconds, based on the ten most important patient characteristics that are clinically relevant to MS. Extensive user testing over ten design iterations has made the application easy to use and understand, both for patients and their physicians.


The award-winning software PHREND is the world’s first application able to provide personalised predictions of the efficacy of treatment options for people suffering from multiple sclerosis. It’s a predictive analytics tool embedded in a patient-centred, database-assisted ecosystem that connects different disciplines and resources to provide patients and their physicians with a data-based second opinion in the treatment process. Thanks to its accurate predictions and straightforward integration in the existing hospital environment, the personalised healthcare solution enjoys wide acceptance within the medical community.

“PHREND enables me to work more efficiently and make better decisions. The tool gives me an added degree of certainty and is a solid basis to justify the choice of therapy in front of health insurers.”

Dr Arnfin Bergmann, NeuroTransData

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