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With the finance department both liberated and constrained by technology, CFOs will need to make sure their people – and they themselves – are up to the job.

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Do you and your team have the skill and courage to keep the finance function relevant?

The world is increasingly digital, complex and ambiguous. People are seeking purpose and growth opportunities at work. You need to build, organise and motivate a finance workforce that’s able to deal with this complexity, is equipped for the future and make the most of your investment in technology.

With the right blend of new tech, new skills, a new organisation and a new culture, finance can play a trailblazing role within the business − as an entrepreneurial driver of performance-driven strategies and data-based forecasts.

CFOs who get this blend right will be firmly in the driving seat.

Five key people and culture challenges for finance

Systematically address these five people and culture challenges, and you’re well on your way to transforming the finance function.

Finance as a business partner

Business partnering is nothing new in finance. But how can you really own the business partner role?

Finance professionals’ skill

Most finance specialists currently lack the capabilities they’ll need in future. How do you reskill and upskill your workforce?

New technology and automation

Finance functions are investing heavily in new technology and automation. Does your workforce know how to use the new tools?

Finance people profiles

You might not find the future finance people profiles in the traditional job market. How and where can finance attract and recruit the right talents?

Finance leadership profiles

CFOs may not know how to lead with entrepreneurial behaviour embedded in an agile culture. How do leaders manage this mindset transition?

The formula for profitable investment in tech:

People & Culture + Technology = Success

A partner with extensive experience implementing tech solutions in complex business settings can help you:

  • Find finance people with the right skills, capabilities and mindset for innovation and digital transformation
  • Harness the value of professionals with the skills and mindset to adopt innovation faster and leverage technology investments early
  • Create a team that can adopt new approaches, digital capabilities and disruptive tech to creates competitive advantage for your organisation

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CFOs will have to be able to build, manage and inspire a team of rebels and robots: having people who can get the most out of the tech and use their new freedom to play a more challenging and influential role within the business.

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