Global Business Services

Streamlining the service delivery model to maximise efficiency

Our Global Business Services (GBS) team helps companies reach their full potential while reducing costs through streamlined operations.​

Wherever you are, we’re able to support you at any point on your transformation journey. Our team of experts has the knowledge, experience and dedication to deliver your business case and to serve as your truly independent, end-to-end journey partner. We can assist you with GBS strategy, design and build, as well as deliver your services through our risk-free and state-of-the-art Managed Services solution. Our goal-oriented strategy for delivering innovative solutions and exceptional customer service will make PwC your partner for success.​

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What are your biggest business priorities?​

To remain relevant in today’s disruptive world, it’s crucial to think outside-the-box. Organisations must establish clear strategy and objectives to effectively prioritise investments and service delivery models.​

Adapt to work from anywhere​

Stay ahead of the game and deliver services from anywhere by adopting a centralised and location-agnostic model for your company.​

Implement digital innovation​

Get a grip on your processes with an end-to-end approach and lower your costs by deploying platforms that use automation and smart digital solutions.​

Shift from cost to customer​

Put the business customer at the heart of GBS and enhance their experience through a seamless user interface and bespoke interaction model.​


'Embrace the challenges of GBS and turn them into opportunities for effectiveness, customer delight and overall success.​'

Sarthak Mahapatra​Managing Director, Lead of GBS​, PwC Switzerland

Our GBS expertise​

Our team has the potential to deliver various solutions, either independently or together with your teams, acting as your end-to-end journey partner.​ With experts in over 14 locations in Switzerland, and many more in the whole world, our team has enormous power and expertise to ensure the best possible transformation.


Outsourcing not only streamlines operations and reduces costs, it also opens up opportunities for growth and improvement. By outsourcing non-core functions, you can free up valuable time and resources that are better spent on growing your business. Our team at PwC offers superior solutions for exit strategy, RFP preparation, due diligence, negotiations and contracting as part of the business case update, regardless of where you are on your outsourcing journey. We also provide ongoing support to improve the outsourcing process and achieve optimal results.​

BPO best practices

Adopt best practices to ensure seamless and high-quality service delivery with improved processes.​

Accelerate optimisation​

Jump-start your optimisation by utilising the expertise and experience of leading external service providers.​

Technology and innovation

Stay up to date with industry advancements by partnering with specialised providers and using their knowledge to rethink your end-to-end processes.​


One of the biggest benefits of a Shared Service Centre and Centre of Excellence is increased efficiency while maintaining control. By centralising operations, organisations can improve talent management, reduce duplication of effort and improve overall efficiency while keeping a focus on customer satisfaction. This results in cost savings and faster delivery of services to customers. ​

What’s more, SSC/CoE can provide a single source of data, enabling organisations to make data-driven decisions more quickly and effectively.​

Own business outcomes​

Create an organisation that makes a direct contribution to the broader business strategy and enables the business to impact the top-line. ​

Agility and Scalability​

Adapt to the changing business needs by swiftly prioritising and expanding service portfolio to meet customer requirements.​

End-to-End Vision​

Continue focusing on breaking the siloes by delivering core end-to-end services effectively, reliably and aimed at customer satisfaction.​

Managed Services

PwC has functional expertise that can’t be matched by other market players. If quality and reliability of services are of prime importance, then Managed Services is the perfect solution.​

With PwC as a partner, you can focus on your core business while relying on efficient, smoothly running technology. Our Shared Services team ensures the best possible proactive monitoring, maintenance and support to improve your uptime, increase productivity and reduce all related risks.​

Deep functional expertise​

Benefit from our wide network of experts by reducing downtime and improving service quality.​

Strategic partnership​

We’re committed to investing in your success and helping you surpass your business goals through a strategic partnership. ​

Put skin in the game

Ensure long-term success by working with partners you can rely on to achieve stunning service delivery results.​

Next Gen

In today’s fast growing and therefore changing environment, it’s getting harder to keep up with competitors. That’s why at PwC we understand how important it is for companies to be agile.​

At PwC, we consistently deliver the best value to our customers through exceptional performance. ​

With Next Gen you get GBS ready for the future.​

Customer focus

Leverage strengths of customer experience and relationship management tools to re-design an improved interaction model for business customer journey.​

Agile service delivery​

Reorganize service delivery with agile principles, while cutting traditional silos and allowing cross-functional teams to accelerate GBS transformation.​

Creating sustainable enterprise value​

Support enhanced enterprise integration through breakdown of silos and operationalise ESG capabilities while creating value through offering capabilities-as-a-service.​

GBS Maturity Booster

Navigate the challenges of a rapidly evolving technology landscape with our complimentary Maturity Booster—completed in just 30 minutes. Ensuring data confidentiality, this assessment unveils industry-wide GBS benchmarks and anticipates digital trends beyond 2024.

Your detailed, tailored report addresses the specific hurdles companies face in today's dynamic environment. Gain valuable insights, benchmark against peers, and receive a personalised roadmap for your next steps. Tackle technology challenges and empower your business for success —act now and shape your understanding of tomorrow's landscape. 

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How we can help your company

By reviewing and adjusting your business processes, we can help you achieve time and cost savings. ​

Our team supports you in developing a strategy which is aligned with industry leading practices. We assist with preparations for an IPO, support you carve-out or merge varying service delivery models post M&A, help you find the right outsourcing partner or build a new Shared Service Centre tailored to your needs.

In addition, our team can also help increase customer satisfaction with your existing GBS or deliver your services through our state-of-the-art PwC managed services model. ​

How we can help your company

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Contact us

Sarthak Mahapatra

Sarthak Mahapatra

Managing Director and Global Business Services Leader, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 79 570 17 32​