Corporate Intelligence Services

Using information to protect your international business

Boost your business by boosting your intelligence

Change and uncertainty are creating new security risks – and opportunities. The key to successful business in this environment is good information.

Operating internationally requires intelligence: information that enables you to understand the political, economic and regulatory changes in unfamiliar places and how they will affect economic developments.

You also have to address the threat of corruption. The IMF puts the global cost of public-sector corruption in 2016 at USD 1.5 to 2 trillion. Countries are tightening the laws and cooperating across borders to counter bribery and corruption and their impact on the economy. Even if you’re drawn in unwittingly by fraudulent business partners acting in your name, you can face heavy fines and loss of reputation.

Another major risk is cyber-criminals targeting key personnel to get information to prepare cyber-attacks on businesses, or even physical attacks on employees abroad. Fake news is a further threat to organisations and business leaders: it undermines trust in the media and damages the entire communications industry.

The good news is that we can help boost your intelligence to counter the risks and harness the opportunities.

Our corporate intelligence services

Third-party due diligence

We check the integrity of third parties (organisations and individuals), with a particular focus on bribery and corruption risks. We help you mitigate risks to build trust in new business relationships.

Checking the economic status of third parties

The economic status of third parties, their payment record and ownership situation, are important information if you want to assess and mitigate the risks of projects, loans and investments. We help detect financial risks by running checks on the economic situation, creditworthiness and ownership structures of third parties.

Building screening functions into business processes

We help companies meet compliance requirements by building automatic screening of third parties into their business processes. Among other things this involves identifying risky candidates by automatically checking them against sanction, anti-corruption, PEP (politically exposed persons) and beneficial owner lists or internal blacklists. This service can run, for example, on the basis of customer master data, transaction data or communications data.

Verifying employees in key positions

A formal employee verification from us will tell you whether a candidate for a vacancy merits your trust. Do this in good time and you'll be protected from potential financial and reputational damage.

Political and economic market and risk analyses

We analyse political, economic, environmental, societal and regulatory developments in foreign countries and identify the key players, markets, opportunities and risks. This way you can start thoroughly planning your move abroad early on, adapt your business to local conditions, and monitor the risks.

Checking the relevance of business partners

We check the competence, reputation, status and rank of would-be business partners in foreign countries. This will help you find dependable partners more quickly and reliably, people who will be able to make an impact in local markets.

Cyber-threat analysis for managers and key personnel

Directors and other key personnel are popular targets for cyber-criminals seeking to gain access to relevant information and prepare cyber-attacks on organisations or even physical attacks on employees overseas. We check the digital footprint of your key personnel, highlighting the cyber-risks, and showing you ways of addressing them.

Checking the integrity of news

Disinformation on the internet is increasingly widespread and damaging. Rumours, half-truths, exaggerated reports and fake news, designed to influence people and their political views or damage the communications industry, are rife. The perpetrators include governments and government agencies, lobby groups and individuals. We analyse the substance of news and check the origin and integrity of its authors.

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