Approaching S/4HANA for Central Finance

Improving your finance data quality and transactional efficiency without disruption.

What is S/4HANA for Central Finance?

S/4HANA for Central Finance (also Central Finance or simply CFIN) provides a vehicle to align and transform data from single or multiple SAP and non-SAP systems without having to make widespread changes on the source systems.

  • It provides a harmonised data environment that supports financial reporting, planning and standardised processes.
  • This is the stepping stone to full S/4 migration or future process activation within S/4 with continued mapping and replication of the disparate source systems.
  • With S/4HANA at its heart, it makes use of the functionality and content of the Universal Journal, updated processes and improved technology and cloud solutions.
  • With Central Finance, customers can connect their distributed system landscape to a centralised SAP S/4HANA Finance system.
  • Financial Accounting (FI) and Management Accounting (CO) postings can be replicated in this Central Finance system.
  • Central Finance lets you create a common reporting structure to feed consolidation and management reporting tools.

When should a company consider SAP S/4Hana Central Finance?

Case 1


Companies with multiple ERP platforms or instances that do not want to embark on a process and systems consolidation project

CFIN enablers
  • Replication of enterprise financial data including intercompany attributes, transaction type, etc.
  • Real-time replication, allows for interim views of data as well as central processing scalability.

Case 2


Companies with aggressive merger and acquisition (M&A) activities, inorganic growth model or evolving business model

CFIN enablers
  • Rapid integration of acquisitions.
  • Rapid unwinding of changing and evolving business models.
  • Allows time for acquisitions to go through their incubation period.
  • Allows independence of business unit but provides a central finance view and, as a result, control.

Case 3


Companies on a journey to S/4HANA want to see what S/4HANA can do first

CFIN enablers
  • Low-risk entry point to the S/4HANA journey.
  • Finance goes digital first, providing value and confidence in S/4HANA capabilities.
  • Gold tenet of finance data model.
  • Stepping stone to future waves, decouples risk to deploy the full platform.
  • Stabilise financial and management reporting to support downstream application and reporting stands.

Case 4


Solving complex business problems with the help of enterprise financial data

CFIN enablers
  • Making the best use of financial data to deal with the cost of sales, including eliminations.
  • Global allocations.
  • Intercompany reconciliation and netting.
  • Assortment planning.

We are really pleased to be positioned as a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SAP S/4HANA Application Services, Worldwide.

Michael Rasch, Global SAP Leader, PwC

S/4 Central Finance leadership with 20+ CFIN projects

PwC’s experience and expertise in S/4 and Central Finance projects is recognised by Gartner for our vision of business-led transformation and benefits. We take a business-oriented approach to engagements and bring strategy, industry, financial effectiveness, tax and SAP experience to bear on a programme.

Our approach goes beyond technical implementation. We focus on outcomes – emphasising the alignment of business with IT and adding value in differentiated processes, which makes us a clear fit for SAP-enabled transformations.

Recognised by IDC, Kennedy and Gartner as the leaders in Accounting and Finance transformation, S/4 Central Finance Leadership with 20+ CFIN projects deploys the first and largest global SAP CFIN solution.

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