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How do you make sure your investment in transformation pays off?

Any transformation journey takes courage, imagination, hard work – and investment. Making sure all this yields the desired benefits involves managing a complex interplay of many factors, some of which are difficult to control.

Often there’s a fine line between project success and failure. PwC’s Transformation Assurance team is there to help you tread this line with confidence and deliver the benefits your stakeholders expect.

Having someone with an external view is always helpful, especially if they know exactly where to look to make sure things are running smoothly − and what to do if things do get off track. We’ve built on our experience of the transformation management process at many different organisations to build a systematic approach to assuring successful projects and programmes.

All-round confidence: your key asset in transformation

Opting for our outside support gives you assurance on every aspect of your transformation journey, bridging the confidence gap between project managers and the many stakeholders involved:

  • Transparency thanks to an external view, including independent reporting and continuous feedback to project stakeholders (including the project sponsor, steering committee, project managers, and internal and external auditors).
  • The confidence that comes from independent assurance of the key elements of project success over the entire timeline.
  • The security of having solid support throughout the project life cycle, all the way from strategy assessment to operations and post-transformation review.
  • Expert help with managing external vendors to make sure they’re capable of achieving common goals.
  • The risk assessment and risk mitigation capabilities to monitor and assure the health of your project.
  • The confidence and know-how to rapidly respond when risks and related management actions threaten to throw the project off track.
  • When things do go wrong, the skill, experience and methodological expertise to rescue a struggling project.

What we do for clients

We take a systematic approach to avoid pitfalls and maximise benefits of transformation.

Project portfolio assessment and optimisation

We help you with a review of all projects and programmes in your portfolio. The goal is to optimise your control processes and lay the foundations for the effective long-term management of your transformation efforts.

Programme and project maturity assessment and optimisation

We do a maturity assessment to help you evaluate project portfolios, programmes and projects delivered with various degrees of success. The aim is to establish a benchmark to create transparency and identify areas where you might need to take additional measures.

Programme and project assurance

We use regular risk-based reviews and action controlling to help you get your programmes on the right track. You’ll have best practice recommendations and concrete experience-based implementation plans to work with.

Programme and project foundation review

We help you to identify key programme and project risks at an early stage. You’ll be able to establish the right processes and tools to make sure the expected benefits are realised.

Programme and project health checks

We run regular health checks to help you maintain control of programmes and projects. You’ll save costs because you’re better able to achieve and gauge the success of the planned milestones.

Programme and project deep dives

We do selective deep dives to give you insight and comfort on specific risk areas.

Programme and project recovery

We help you stabilise and reposition your programme if it fails to meet expectations. The aim is to get restarted rapidly and make sure action plans and regular reviews are in place to ensure the long-term stability and success of the programme.

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