A new kind of digital thinking – Experience Consulting

We give you the concrete experience of taking control and actively shaping the future of your business.

Think it. Build it. Ship it. Repeat.

When the only constant is change, you can’t guarantee that today’s solution will be perfect or meet tomorrow’s needs. What you can do is take ownership of your future.

Owning means understanding the problems and being closely involved in creating the solutions – so you’re agile and ready to respond immediately even if the ground shifts beneath your feet. That’s how we operate at PwC’s Experience Center. We co-create and iterate.

Co-creation means combining your experience with ours. Iteration means we get things out there, then rearrange them and revise our plans on the basis of real-life experience. 

«We are in the age of digital disruption where innovation can change an industry overnight. If you are open-minded and ready to transform, it is time to visit PwC’s Experience Center.»

Robert Ballantine, Advisory Partner, PwC Switzerland

Our Philosophy brings the power of perspective to life.

Industry experts

A multi-disciplined business consulting team that includes: digital strategists, market analysts, digital ecosystem and eCommerce specialists.


Broad service offers within: user experience, design and creative, brand and marketing, content strategy, social media and customer insight studies.

Engineers and developers

Technical experts in the field of data & analytics, emerging technologies, system integration, and rapid prototyping.

Find smart solutions to your most pressing business challenges.

Doing the right thing

Need to solve complex problems? You need The Difference. Your challenge is tough to resolve because it involves complex change, politics, emotions and stakeholder interests. It’s already cost you and your organisation far too much time, mental energy and money. What if you were the one to make the breakthrough? Together with us, challenge the way you work, think, act and connect.

Doing it right

Grab the challenges of the digital future and make the most of them. Tap into Design Sprints to find solutions to pressing and seemingly insoluble business issues in just four days. By directly prototyping, validating and testing solutions with the help of genuine customers, you can significantly reduce implementation risks. Rethink your priorities, be bold, achieve tangible results and make an informed decision in no time at all.

Scale and optimise

Boost growth to unknown heights. Growth Hacking is the digital marketing strategy that makes you generate exponential growth. It involves a series of experiments such as tweaking the user experience of a webpage, online campaigns or trying a new method of product distribution. It ensures that your marketing efforts are highly effective. Let us together design and test your strategy in order to fully understand the needs and desires of your customers.

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Jörg Thews

Jörg Thews

Insurance Advisory Leader, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 2635

Robert Ballantine

Robert Ballantine

Advisory Partner, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 2241