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Your challenge is tough to resolve because it involves complex change, politics, emotions and stakeholder interests. It’s already cost you and your organisation far too much time, mental energy and money. What if you were the one to make the breakthrough?

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Introduction to The Differnce

Why you need The Difference

The solution’s there for the taking

The Difference is a powerful team of professional co-creators at PwC. Trained to unleash your group genius by challenging the way people work, think, act and connect. Certified in a methodology that’s proven to make the crucial difference for organisations facing highly complex challenges.

The crucial difference: The Design Shop

Incubator? Think tank? Workshop? A Design Shop is even more. It’s a unique immersive experience created by The Difference team to get all your stakeholders together to co-create and unleash group genius solutions to complex problems. Depending on the circumstances, we have the technology to hold a Design Shop on our premises, on your premises, or online with each participant at a different location.

The global methodology focuses on three key outcomes:


We construct exciting and unfamiliar experiences and tools to help you resolve conflict and align the different perspectives of those participating in the transformation.


We design, structure and manage parallel work processes, accelerating months of effort into only a few days.


We inspire an environment of creativity and collaboration so that everyone involved owns the solution – and is committed to making it happen.

“Our entire leadership team worked with PwC on our business vision. We dreamed together, co-created together, challenged each other and used the power of multiple perspectives. What a valuable experience and outcome, it was really magical.”

Cornel Krummenacher, Global Head of FoodNestlé Professional

What your Design Shop will deliver

The Design Shop is where your brightest minds meet PwC’s facilitators to do months of work in only three days. A safe, guided space for those hard conversations and tough decisions. A playful place for turning obstacles into fresh insights and better business outcomes.

The Design Shop gets everyone involved around the table at once – with the right information, facilitators and experts as required. The content and the people are tailored to the client and their problem, but the procedure’s always the same: scan, focus and act.


We get everyone on the same page by harnessing multiple modes of learning to explore new knowledge and make fertile space for collaborative ideas and insights.

The outcome is a common platform for participants to engage from, with the individual and collective buy-in you need for a successful solution.


We accelerate the building and testing of solutions over a number of iterative work rounds, from various vantage points.

The aim isn’t to finalise work, but to uncover enough detail that the group can see what’s standing in the way of creating and executing the solution.


The group finalises the solution and details the plan to bring it into reality, identifying the barriers they’ll need to overcome to execute and sustain the change.

The goal of this phase is to generate real ownership, momentum and commitment enabling implementation to be significantly accelerated.

Where can we make The Difference?

The Difference has already empowered clients in many industries to create and execute solutions to complex problems:

  • The global leadership team of a major consumer goods business seeking to define a new direction for its HR strategy. 
  • An international financial services provider aiming to develop a blockchain-based venture strategy. 
  • An organisation wanting to reimagine operations across all levels – from group strategy down to the individual worker’s experience.
  • A company looking to resolve critical misalignment between IT, operations, product development and the steering committee within a large transformation project.

We’d love to add your solution to our list.

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