Headquarter in Switzerland

Switzerland as a location for your headquarters - a good choice

A stable business environment, efficient capital markets, favourable corporate tax, a perfect infrastructure and an excellent quality of life: There are many reasons why Switzerland is a popular choice for the location of global- and regional company headquarters. However, the relocation of company headquarters is always a major undertaking which must be carefully considered and precisely planned. PwC can support you.

How we can support you with your plans

Strategic consultation

We can advise on all matters relating to the transfer of your headquarters to Switzerland. Together we can find appropriate structures and align them with your company goals.

Change management consultancy

Our change management strategies will help your business run more efficiently. We support you through each phase of change management, from planning right through to communicating the changes to your employees.

Tax and legal services

We can offer comprehensive advice on all tax and legal issues. We can also recommend appropriate legal and tax structures for your business.

Organisational strategy and workforce expansion

We can secure first-class employees for your company in Switzerland and help you with organisational design.

Focusing on value drivers

Whether it's for accounting, finance, IT or human-resources planning: We can reduce your costs if you relocate your headquarters to Switzerland.

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Sebastian di Paola

Sebastian di Paola

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Maire Walsh

Maire Walsh

Partner, Tax and Legal Services, PwC Switzerland

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