Sustainability in Deals

Deals that matter: sustainable success with purpose

Deals that matter: sustainable success with purpose

In today’s business world, sustainability has become crucial in all phases of the deals process, from due diligence to negotiation to post-transaction integration. Looking at these processes through a sustainability lens can reveal both opportunities and risks. By factoring in sustainability, businesses not only support global sustainability targets but also improve their long-term resilience and competitiveness. 

Given the growing demands for sustainability transparency from stakeholders, it's vital for companies to incorporate sustainability in their deal-making process.

As your deals advisor, we help corporates and private equity firms navigate complexities and ensure compliance. We provide strategic insights that facilitate decision-making and lead to successful, sustainable outcomes.

”With every transaction, we have the chance to make a real difference to our future. At PwC, we guide our clients on this journey. We help them understand where they stand, plan for where they want to be, and take action to reap the rewards of sustainability while avoiding any pitfalls.”

Claudio Prante,Partner, Head of Deals Strategy, PwC Switzerland

Claudio Prante
Partner, Head of Deals Strategy,  Sustainability Leader in Deals, PwC Switzerland

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Our services and solutions

Ensuring sustainable deal outcomes

At PwC, we support our clients with our comprehensive deals services paired with deep sustainability knowledge, including environmental, social, and governance aspects. Our flexible, tailored approach, combined with vast experience, allows us to swiftly address diverse client needs throughout the deal cycle.

Our sustainable deals services and solutions along the deal cycle include:

  • Sustainability strategy (including investment strategy) design, implementation, and review.
  • Review strategic sustainability options;
  • Sustainability topics linked to target market/segment analysis.
  • Sustainability due diligence identifying value drivers and risks/challenges.
  • Negotiations and SPA/APA advice considering sustainability topics;
  • Signing-to-closing support to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Synergy/carve-out assessment;
  • Integrations/separations including sustainability strategy, operating model and management system/KPIs.
  • Sustainability review and alignment of portfolio companies;
  • Maximising the sustainability value for the exit (including vendor documentation).

Questions and challenges

From setting the sustainability strategy to achieving the objective – stakeholders face a variety of questions and challenges along the transaction process:

How can we integrate sustainability within our strategy to be able to achieve our goals and contribute to sustainable growth?

Which sustainability factors are material to our business and should be focused on as core value drivers during the transaction process?

How do we conduct sustainability due diligence to address liability issues and verify the target’s sustainability maturity prior to bidding?

What are the sustainability selling points in price negotiations?

How can we integrate the target into our own sustainability approach and monitor sustainability integration and performance?

How to define non-financial KPIs to measure, manage, and report sustainability performance to stakeholders?

How can we leverage sustainability practices during exit/disposal to attract investors and enhance the company's reputation?

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Partner, Head of Deals Strategy, Sustainability Leader in Deals, Zurich, PwC Switzerland

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