Advisory for leading crypto/blockchain hub positioning

PwC Legal combines its unique experience of delivering country-specific blockchain and crypto solutions with its depth of governmental, industry, economic and legal knowledge to help governments to define a robust and effective approach to become a leading crypto/blockchain hub in the region

Blockchain is considered one of the most revolutionary technologies of our time and undoubtedly has great potential to drive simplicity and efficiency through new infrastructures and processes. For financial service providers and start-up companies in particular, the new technology creates completely new business and financing opportunities.

Become a leading crypto hub!

Regulators and international standard setters are currently looking intensively at the economic and legal/regulatory treatment of initial coin offerings (ICOs), cryptocurrencies and trading platforms.

Only a few countries (e.g. Switzerland, USA, Singapore) have recognised the great potential of this new technology and multi-billion USD market, and have built up a strong ecosystem as a crypto hub based on optimal regulatory framework conditions, thus attracting international investors and companies.


Our service

  • Support to develop a clear and transparent legal/regulatory ICO and crypto framework
  • Country-specific reports
  • Preparation of an impact assessment
  • Definition of regulatory guidelines to accept cryptocurrencies and authorise trading platforms
  • Support at regulator/supervisory authority level, etc.

Your benefits

  • Become a global ICO and crypto leader
  • Increase economic impact due to the introduction of ICOs, cryptocurrencies and trading platforms
  • Increase productivity and competitiveness
  • Attract international investors and start-up companies
  • Create jobs and attract world-class talents

Become a leading crypto hub!

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