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Helping you transform unprecedented legal complexity into successful business outcomes

In a world where making the most of commercial opportunities means mastering unprecedented legal complexity, you want your lawyers to be an asset rather than a liability. We help you become more time-and cost-efficient, flexible and resource-savvy – transforming your legal function into a confident, strong and reliable partner to the business.

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Legal Function Consulting service

Legal Function Consulting service

Think your legal function may need to adapt to keep up? We help you evaluate your maturity, identify the gaps and implement solutions that will help you deploy people, processes and technology more strategically. Check out our Legal Function Consulting service.

Legal Function Consulting service

Flexible Legal Resources (FLR) service

Need extra people power? We can provide legal staff to cover peak workloads or specific project or specialisation needs, temporarily or permanently. Check out our Flexible Legal Resources (FLR) service. 

Legal Function Consulting service

LegalTech Consulting and Implementation service

Think that legaltech might help you move forward? We help you assess your needs and pick appropriate solutions from the extensive range of available digital tools. Check out our LegalTech Consulting and Implementation service.

Legal Function Consulting service

Contract Lifecycle Management

Having trouble finding the documents you need when you need them? We help you choose and implement the right contract life cycle management system from the extensive range of available third-party solutions.

Legal Function Consulting service

Convergence is the order of the day. It’s not just industries that are merging, but corporate functions as well. What were once seen as support services within a company are now recognised as being key to growth and market share. With all eyes suddenly on PwC Legal, the department has a unique chance to push forward with the process of transformation. Legal is a highly technical function with a broad responsibility for managing risk and advising the company strategically on achieving its revenue growth goals, and it’s changing fast. We help clients to master this change and improve the performance of their legal function by deploying people, processes and technology strategically.

We work for high-profile national and multinational clients in many industries all around the world. We apply leading ideas from across the market, sharing insight and experience on how to modernise legal departments and provide change management support throughout the process, from concept to implementation and beyond.

Helping you face increasingly complex legal challenges

New hybrid solutions from PwC Switzerland, Legal

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Flexible Legal Resources (FLR) service

Build your in-house legal team on demand. Businesses of all sizes and across all sectors rely on us to meet their legal, regulatory and compliance obligations. You can turn to FLR for a faster, more efficient, high-quality, reliable and cost-effective expansion of your team with legal and regulatory resources on demand. Experts can work on one-off projects, an abnormal temporary spike in workload or part-time team cover.

The contingent workforce is a permanent reality – and businesses are increasingly relying on this employment model to enable staff to work more smartly. We give you the freedom to ramp your team up or down to meet different business demands.

Using a flexible workforce is now ingrained in the financial models and budgets of many businesses. We help you make the most of cost efficiencies, and relieve the burden of operational overheads and employee management without compromising on quality.

The workforce of the future is becoming more contingent. We help you tap into this high-quality, evolving talent pool. Today’s business environment is fast-paced and legal, regulation and compliance-heavy, so resourcing demands can change at a moment’s notice. Our talent pool is broad and deep.

Company boards take their legal, compliance and regulatory obligations seriously, and need to know their advisors can provide quality resources. They can rest assured that our talent pool has been through the rigorous PwC selection procedure and delivers high-quality work.

Find out all you need to know about FLR as a subservice of NewLaw here.

Providing solutions for complex challenges

We provide our clients with flexible legal and compliance specialists on an interim basis.

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LegalTech Consulting and Implementation service

Digital transformation efforts within organisations are putting corporate legal departments under unprecedented pressure. In-house legal teams often lack the bandwidth to source, test and implement technology tools that serve both legal and business goals. Using technology effectively, particularly technology designed specifically for legal departments (so-called LegalTech) is critical for our clients if they are to achieve efficiencies, adapt to changing business needs, manage risk and ensure they have the data to make better decisions in the future. Our experts can help you meet the challenges of a fast-changing market and identify, source, pilot and configure the right LegalTech to achieve your goals and your return on investment, all in line with your organisation’s overall digitalisation roadmap.

Once your strategy is defined and your digital legal toolset is clear, we can help you make it operational. We provide corporate legal departments with expert project management and ongoing user support to reduce friction and frustration in implementing technology, efficiently engage with technology vendors and enable integration with existing software tools and workflows.

Our implementation project assistance includes:

  • Client workflow assessment
  • User training
  • Best practice insights
  • Scaling adoption of tool functionalities and userbase
Helping you face increasingly complex legal challenges

New hybrid solutions from PwC Legal

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Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Contracting and obligation management used to be a administrative chore. We use technology and refined processes to help organisations turn it into a business differentiator, with benefits including shorter time to contract. These are just some of the services we can offer:

  • Contract strategy, creation and execution (designing terms, conditions, policies and playbooks, developing template standards and clause libraries, standardising contract processing and risk review)
  • Contract storage and retrieval (physical and virtual storage, data abstraction)
  • Obligation and risk monitoring and management (performance to service levels and milestones, compliance with key terms, deviation analysis and ongoing risk identification, notification and alerts).
Contract analytics, remediation and streamlining

Getting a full view of all your contractual arrangements is difficult enough. Verifying the actual execution against the contractual agreements you’ve made is even more challenging.

Our contract analytics toolset combined with our data and commercial expertise will help you see and understand your contracts and their execution more clearly, and ultimately get more value out of your contractual relationships. 

Find out all you need to know about CLM as a subservice of NewLaw here.

Automated and integreated contract processing

A proactive way of to accelerate your business performance and improvve efficiency as well as productivity

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Benefits for our clients

Societal expectations

You have the strategy, processes, people and technology to service the needs of your internal clients

Societal expectations

You make less go further by operating more flexibly, time- and cost-efficiently

Societal expectations

Your legal team is a reliable partner to the business in a complex and rapidly changing environment

Societal expectations

You can make more efficient and effective use of your resources – including your contractual documentation

Why PwC?

Thanks to its innovative working models and commitment to tech-enabling clients, PwC Legal in Switzerland has become a pioneer within PwC’s global network. With more than 4,000 lawyers in over 90 countries, PwC has the broadest geographic coverage of any legal services provider in the world. This means that when it comes to finding and implementing the best possible solutions for our clients in Switzerland, we can also draw on the experience and expertise of PwC’s legal teams in other territories.