What you need to know to maintain and grow your business with the UK

By the time the Brexit transition period ended on 31 December 2020, the United Kingdom and the European Union had reached a deal. 

However, many relevant practical questions for businesses remain open and still need to be resolved. So, what does the deal between the UK and the EU mean for Switzerland? What effect does Brexit have on your business? 

Changes in the supply chain, customs and VAT, immigration and social security could be particularly relevant.

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Brexit-related changes on both the strategic and operational sides of customs will have a significant effect on the entire supply chain. Areas that will be particularly affected include trade export controls, electronic customs processing, statistical reporting, formal requirements and the preferential origin of goods. It’s not just direct UK - EU flows that will be impacted, but also other parts of any supply chain touching the UK. Overcoming these technical and specialist challenges efficiently will require the support of strong and reliable partners. 

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Great Britain will be treated as third-party country, and cross-border transactions will qualify as imports or exports of goods. But the situation for supplies of goods and services to and from Northern Ireland is different. These complex changes will require a multitude of adjustments to your processes and ERP systems. We can help you get to grips with the challenge.

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Brexit might have a significant impact on cross border dividends, royalties or interest payments to or from the UK previously benefitting from double tax treaties or agreements with the EU. As a consequence, potential withholding tax consequences might result. Thus, it is important to review the group structure of your organization and also to consider the right formalities. PwC can support you in this respect with its international expertise. 

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