Tax in a brave new world


Advanced digital technologies are moving out of the lab and into the real world. The impact on business models across the economy will be dramatic. While you may have considered how this will change your business model, you may not have thought about how these developments will impact the tax you pay.

Tax authorities are also digitising, investing heavily in new technologies that will radically transform their powers of control and oversight. As the subject of their supervision, you’re also going to feel the heat.

We call this impact of these changes tax disruption.


Tax Disruption is everywhere!

Check out whats happening in the world and what's discussed around this topic.


Digital tax immersion sessions

Join us for one of the four digital tax immersion session’s to discuss these questions, experience how technology will transform the way we comply with tax legislation, and develop your strategy to ensure that you are ready for tax in this new world.

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Get prepared

We’ll introduce the global trends that we’re observing in tax frameworks and discuss how technology-driven disruption to business models will impact how and where companies pay tax. It leaves you with a better understanding of how tax will change as a result of the digital transformation.

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Inform session

for business leaders

2-3 hours

Educate session

for decision makers in tax

4 hours

Understand how technology helps managing the tax function

After a brief introduction to the general trends in global tax frameworks we’ll share some specific examples of how technology can impact the various tax disciplines. It leaves you with a practical understanding of how existing technology can help you manage your function, and how emerging technology will further support your role as a strategic partner to the business.

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What could your digtial tranformation in tax look like? 

The workshop is dedicated to defining a digital vision for a specific domain in tax, and then exploring how existing and emerging technologies could be deployed to deliver on this vision. It leaves you with a better understanding of how to define the roadmap for your organisation’s digital transformation within tax, and where to prioritise your resources to maximise impact.

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Focus session

for tax leaders

4–8 hours

Create session

for tax leaders

8 hours

Shaping the future - together 

It's a co-creation workshop tackling a specific problem defined by you in advance of the session. Depending on the challenge you identify, we will bring examples, share our experience and dedicate our time to help brainstorm solutions for your specific challenge. It leaves you with a concrete plan to address your specific tax challenge.

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Daring to think out loud 

Few people are aware of the way new digitally-enabled powers are set to transform the way public administrations and tax authorities go about their business. Even fewer are prepared to deal with the impact this will have on the tax they pay and how they pay it. Read our white papers to find out what the thought leaders have to say about the new field tax disruption.








What happens when the taxman gets superpowers?

Digitalisation meets tax authority: in a new white paper we explain why the corporate world should be preparing now for the imminent digitalisation of tax authorities. Companies will have to make extra efforts to get their tax capabilities quickly on the same data-driven level at which the authorities will be operating soon.

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When the sleeping giant awakes…

Digitalisation meets public administration: this white paper explains the massive disruptive impact of the ‘zero cost of control’ phenomenon on business and society. Businesses are now entering a transitional phase and can expect a time of uncertainty that is potentially full of surprises. Tax is a prime example.

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