Tax disruption

Visit one of our immersion sessions to find out how tax disruption and digitalisation will affect you, and what you can do to prepare for the new world of digital tax.

What is Tax disruption all about?

We are currently witnessing the most recent stage of the digital revolution: the digitalisation of the public administration. Find out more here.

Tax will be at the forefront of this development. Tax authorities are investing heavily in new technologies that will equip them with ‘superpowers’. Find out more here.

Why should you care?

If these risks are not managed appropriately, significant costs will arise and companies will find it difficult to respond to scrutiny. Watch more here.

How can you prepare for the digital world of tax?

  • Develop a consistent tax disruption and digital transformation strategy;
  • Shape a global tax narrative, and ensure your data tells the same story;
  • Acquire new technology skills and tools;
  • Manage the ‘transition phase’ to this new world;
  • Train staff and improve processes, and;
  • Change mind-sets.
Our two new frameworks will help you on this journey:

Our tax disruption risk assessment framework (the ‘cube’) helps you determine where and when to invest in digital capabilities, addressing the prioritisation and resource allocation problem faced by many management teams.

Our tax disruption management framework (the ‘inverted pyramid’) provides you with a blueprint pointing out what to do at various levels of the organisation to actively mitigate the novel risks and reap the benefits of a technology and data enabled tax function.

For our full guide view here.

Why is Tax disruption is so challenging?

Tax disruption presents organisations with two fundamental tax-related challenges at the same time. Companies must not only learn to deal with digital tax authorities, but also transform their in-house tax functions simultaneously.

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Tax disruption and international trade: A whitepaper on customs technology

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Daring to think out loud 

Few people are aware of the way new digitally-enabled powers are set to transform the way public administrations and tax authorities go about their business. Even fewer are prepared to deal with the impact this will have on the tax they pay and how they pay it. Read our white papers to find out what the thought leaders have to say about the new field of tax disruption.

What happens when the taxman gets superpowers?

A guide to the digital world of tax

The world of tax is changing. Rulebooks, once certain, will no longer apply.

Tax authorities are investing heavily in new technologies that will radically transform their powers of control and oversight, and other stakeholders will also be able to harness growing volumes of digitised data and processing power − all bringing more tax-related transparency. Simultaneously, digital technologies will transform the way corporate tax functions work.

In this guide we give readers an outlook on how things are likely to change, what the impact will be, and share with them our views on how to deal with all of this disruption.

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Explore our research and insights

Tax disruption report 2021/2022

What are the tax authorities up to? Technological advances at tax administrations, and the legal regulations, have become more prominent in defining the relationship between the tax function and the tax authority. The tax function of the future will have rely heavily on external factors in order for it successfully achieve digital transformation.

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The familiar tax world is coming to an end.

Digitalisation brings two fundamental tax-related challenges. Organisations have to deal with the digital transformation of tax authorities and, simultaneously, need to orchestrate the digital transformation of their own in-house tax function. In this paper we introduce two new frameworks to help you on this journey.

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What happens when the taxman gets superpowers?

Digitalisation meets tax authority: in a new white paper we explain why the corporate world should be preparing now for the imminent digitalisation of tax authorities. Companies will have to make extra efforts to get their tax capabilities quickly on the same data-driven level at which the authorities will be operating soon.

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When the sleeping giant awakes…

Digitalisation meets public administration: this white paper explains the massive disruptive impact of the ‘zero cost of control’ phenomenon on business and society. Businesses are now entering a transitional phase and can expect a time of uncertainty that is potentially full of surprises. Tax is a prime example.

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