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Healthcare technologies

New health care technologies play a key role in the advancement of hospital IT systems. The health care of the future must be networked, transparent and patient-oriented. Using Health Information Technology (HIT), your patient data will always be available to view and billing will be quick and convenient. This will ensure your hospital’s IT system is able to meet the requirements for a modern IT system in the health care sector now and in the future.

Our expertise

Optimising your costs

We will work with you to sustainably reduce your IT costs and simultaneously optimise your IT environment.

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Developing a strategy for your hospital’s IT system

We will support you in aligning your IT strategy according to changing market conditions and new business models.

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Selecting and introducing clinical information systems (CIS) and ERP solutions

We are on hand as a partner, coach and independent adviser to support you in the evaluation of core systems for your HIT solution. Our goal is to ensure your medical IT infrastructure fulfils the requirements of patients, hospitals, medical professionals and all other stakeholders. Our in-depth expertise in technology, management and the health care sector is at your disposal to assist in the implementation, testing and optimisation of your new HIT system.

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Making use of management information systems (MIS)

We can help you implement a new management information system, or optimise your existing one.

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Putting tools in place to control hospital IT systems and financing

Working jointly with you, we can deploy scalable data tools for the medical and financial control – allowing you to master SwissDRG tariff system and generate higher revenues.

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Research and insights

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