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Creating structures and building on strengths

We support Swiss hospitals whatever shape their transformation project may take – from thorough transformations or partial mergers to collaborations or joint ventures in training and targeted restructuring. With the right structure and efficient organisation processes in place, you can remain in complete control of your hospital’s transformation project and build on the strengths of your institution. As experts in restructuring, we can help you in a number of areas, including creating a long-term transformation plan for your hospital, preparing your business for transformation, outsourcing services where appropriate and identifying the right opportunities for collaboration.

A key factor in the success of any transformation project is ensuring that every employee is on board. We can help you cut through complexity at every turn, from the initial analysis to the final stages of implementation, by making sure employees from every level are actively involved in the project and give it their full support.

Our expertise

Carrying out transformation projects and procedures to become independent

We provide support where you need it: from highly complex transformation projects and hospital mergers lasting several years to setting up as an independent concern – our consultancy services cover all key areas including business models, human resources, finance, IT and legal matters.

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Entering into collaborative projects and joint ventures with other hospitals

External networking is becoming increasingly important to ensuring success in the health care sector. With our renowned expertise, we are able to identify potential partners for your business, develop suitable models for collaborations between hospitals and support you in every stage of the implementation process.

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Maintaining full control of your restructuring project

To optimise the performance of your hospital, you require thought-out processes and a detailed organisational structure, not to mention a suitable management concept. With our Transform model, we have already successfully guided a large number of Swiss hospitals through their own restructuring projects.

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Improving performance over the long term

If a hospital’s financial performance is not sufficient to ensure its long-term survival, steps must be taken to address the situation. We provide support in projects designed to improve performance levels at your hospital – helping you to identify key sources of income and the main cost drivers, and taking a bottom-up and top-down view in order to ensure a long-term solution that is acceptable at every level. With our proven approach based on degrees of severity, we ensure that you focus exclusively on the important factors.

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