Medical controlling and DRG coding audit

Enhance your hospital safety and boost confidence

Enhance your hospital safety and boost confidence

Since January 2012, Swiss hospitals have calculated rates for urgent inpatient care according to case-based flat rates (DRGs) under the SwissDRG tariff system. This means they apply the most appropriate rates, which are regularly subject to independent testing to check the accuracy of the coding. This information is retained in a report.

As a finance manager, you stand to benefit twice over from these measures: You can accurately calculate your costs whilst also improving your processes. A DRG coding audit is therefore profitable in most cases and can often significantly increase your revenue.

From the statutory sampled coding audit for medical controlling up to the coding audit PLUS with anomaly testing and systematic examination: Our industry experts will support you in all matters relating to the SwissDRG tariff system.

Mit einem gezielten Medizincontrolling profitieren Sie als Finanzverantwortlicher doppelt: Sie rechnen regelkonform ab und beschleunigen Ihre Prozesse.

Gerhard Siegrist, Partner, Leiter Wirtschaftsprüfung Gesundheitswesen, Aarau

Our expertise

Coding audit sampling

With our coding audit sampling we can show you how to improve your coding and where further beneficial changes can be made. This will help you to produce a meaningful and transparent coding audit report for your target audience.

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The synergies revealed by an interim audit will inform your financial audit or contract negotiations. This information can also help to improve the quality of your documentation and coding within the current financial year.

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DRG Coding audit analysis

Our 'Kodierrevision PLUS' can highlight additional opportunities and risks derived from the statutory audit sample data and present this information transparently.

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Medical controlling

You can rely on our years of experience and extensive know-how to support you with the strategic and operational aspects of medical controlling.

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Research and insights

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Partner, Leiter Wirtschaftsprüfung Gesundheitswesen, Aarau, PwC Switzerland

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