Reporting, accounting and auditing

Keeping a firm grip on your finances

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Reporting, accounting and auditing: keeping a firm grip on your finances

The need to improve cost-efficiency is nothing new to hospitals; however, since the introduction of SwissDRG and the amendment to the Health Insurance Act (HIA) in 2012, pressure has increased even further, and it shows no sign of abating. This poses a huge challenge to hospitals: efficient processes are a must, while accurate, transparent calculations and reporting for services and costs are paramount if institutions are to survive in an increasingly competitive environment. Furthermore, a number of hospitals are about to invest in large-scale projects which require secure financing and an effective plan to ensure their long-term feasibility. 

Any decisions on the future of your hospital should be based on reliable processes and financial data.

Our expertise

Auditor mandates

Our auditing process is specifically designed for hospitals. We discuss every detail with you, combining the financial expertise of our auditing team and our IT know-how with an in-depth understanding of the medical sector.

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Accounting: according to Swiss law, Swiss GAAP FER, IFRS, HRM2 and IPSAS

Whichever accounting standards you use, we can support you. With our broad knowledge and years of experience, you can be sure that your implementation project is a success and that all your questions are answered by the most competent professionals.

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REKOLE® certification

PwC is an accredited REKOLE® auditor, as certified by H+, the Swiss Hospital Association. Ensuring your accounting processes are REKOLE® certified acts as a quality seal and strengthens your bargaining position when negotiating tariffs.

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Internal auditing

Internal audits are an important analytical tool for the board of directors and upper management. As an independent and objective body, the internal audit team is responsible for assessing the organisational structure and all operational processes. This provides added security to the hospital management and helps them to achieve their strategic goals. By employing experts who work in the health care sector on a daily basis, we can make appropriate contributions to the security and optimisation of your hospital’s processes.

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Research and Insights

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