A video series on trends in sales and technology-led transformations

3 minutes – 3 questions – 3 answers.

Digitalisation, emerging technologies, and new customer needs are disrupting all sectors and economic activities. In the industrial manufacturing & automotive sector not only customer-centricity in sales and marketing, but also transformation and digitalisation of business and production processes are key for a company’s survival.

Check out our video series, hosted by Dr. Michael Betz and Florian Greiner, and learn the latest trends in sales and technology-led transformation to future-proof your business. 

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Trends in the manufacturing industry: video series

Sales talks

Service sales

Michael Betz and Raj Kumar of PwC Switzerland explore why industrial goods companies should enhance their service offers and embrace a more service-centred business approach – and what Gen Y has to do with it.

Digital business models

Dr Michael Betz and Jan-Hendrik Meier of PwC Switzerland discuss why industrial goods companies should also embrace digital business models – and why engagement with customers, management, and other stakeholders is key to successful implementation.

Negotiation management

Dr. Michael Betz and Fabian Schwery, PwC Switzerland, discuss the most important aspects of negotiation management. They talk about what makes a successful negotiation and why compromise is highly overrated.

Direct sales

Hanspeter Rytz and Dr. Michael Betz, PwC Switzerland, discuss why direct sales is not an outdated concept at all, what B2B companies can learn from organisations that apply a direct sales approach, and what makes direct selling so successful.

Key account management

Reto Brunner and Dr. Michael Betz, PwC Switzerland, talk about the latest trends in key account management and why companies should professionalise their key account management to cope with the fact that big accounts are getting even bigger.

Sales operating model

Oliver Ripplinger, Customer Centric Transformation, PwC Switzerland, talks to Dr. Michael Betz about the challenges of sales operating models. He explains why a holistic view is key and how more structure and a greater involvement of the marketing function will lead to more sales.

Value selling

Dr. Michael Betz and Florian Greiner talk about why value-based selling is an approach that really pays off.

Digital sales enablement

Dr. Michael Betz and Carl Haynie, PwC Switzerland, talk about why B2B businesses need to move to e-commerce if they don’t want to lose out.

Transformation talks

Digital factory transformation

According to PwC’s Digital Factory Transformation Survey 2022, manufacturers are investing more than $1 trillion a year on efforts to create fully digital factories. In a conversation with Florian Greiner, Edmond Toutoungi, Supply Chain Advisory, PwC Switzerland, explains what it takes to build a smart factory and what the key benefits are.

Successful technology transformations

Dr. Lukas Vogel, Strategy & Transformation, PwC Switzerland, explains in an interview with Florian Greiner why successful technology transformations are not just about technology – and which topics need to be clarified before you start your transformation journey.

Customer-centric target operating model

Roland Altenburger, CEO Switzerland, Luzi AG, explains in conversation with Florian Greiner why his company’s transition to a customer-oriented target operating model led to a significant increase in productivity, employee satisfaction, and creativity.

Enablement of agile organisations

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«Our industrial products video series shows you how to address and reap the benefits of sales- and technology-related transformation and grow your business by using the best strategies and tools – and it elaborates on challenges and proven factors for success.»

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