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Swiss edition of the

«24th Annual CEO


111 Swiss CEOs gave answers on how they are dealing with the effects of COVID-19. But also about the opportunities and risks associated with the accelerated digital transformation.

From CEO to CEO

In uncertain times, only one thing is certain: change. What challenges are Swiss CEOs facing? And what opportunities do these challenges present? We’ve compiled the answers to these and similar questions in our 24th Global Annual CEO Survey 2021 – and this year we’ve again published a separate Swiss edition.

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Into the future with optimism and drive

Andreas Staubli, CEO, PwC Switzerland

Our findings in a nutshell

Optimistic outlook for company growth 

Swiss companies are not only optimistic about a global economic comeback, but also about the development of their companies. 84% are convinced that their company’s revenue will grow over the next 12 months. 93% are confident that they will achieve increased revenue over the next three years.

Accelerated transformation processes 

The pandemic has caused decision-makers to question their business principles and strategic direction, resulting in the need for continuous digital transformation becoming the new axiom. 92% of the Swiss CEOs who took part in the survey plan to step up their investment in the digital transformation in the next three years. By global comparison, this figure is 83%.

Find out more in our Swiss report. 

Swiss CEOs are greatly concerned about cyber threats

Swiss CEOs see the threat of cyber attacks as one of the greatest risks for their company’s growth (43%). This is highlighted in particular by international comparison. While 93% of surveyed Swiss CEOs are concerned about cyber threats, the international equivalent of this figure is 8% lower.

Regulation influences risk management

84% of Swiss CEOs use risk management to address cyber threats. Globally, the comparable figure is only 59%. This reflects the fact that in Switzerland some industries – financial service providers, for example – are heavily regulated. For them, cyber threats are, by law, part of day-to-day risk management.

Find out more in our Swiss report. 

Availability of key skills still a major concern 

Even COVID-19 was not able to change the fact that almost two thirds of Swiss CEOs are still concerned about the availability of key qualifications. This represents a fall of 5% compared to last year but is most likely due to the adaptability, agility and resilience of employees. 

The role of the state

79% of those who took part in the Swiss study consider competent, well trained and adaptable employees to be one of the key requirements for business success. The equivalent global figure is 61%. But 79% of Swiss CEOs believe that this falls under the government’s area of responsibility. One of the reasons for this is no doubt the strong collaboration between the private and public sectors when it comes to the development and supply of talent, as is the case with the dual education and vocational training system, for instance. 

Find out more in our Swiss report. 

Low need for action in Switzerland despite increasing relevance 

62% of the surveyed CEOs in Switzerland are concerned about climate change, which is a rise of 11% compared to last year. But only 47% of Swiss decision-makers are increasing their long-term investments in sustainability and environment, social and governance (ESG) initiatives as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. The equivalent global figure is 60%. The reason for this may be that Swiss companies have been actively addressing the issue for quite a few years now and so the need to make bigger investments is lower than in other countries.

The question of who is responsible remains unclear  

At the same time, 45% of Swiss CEOs are of the opinion that the government is responsible for the fight against climate change and environmental damage, while only a third (34%) see this as a priority for economic players. 

Find out more in our Swiss report. 

Insights from our experts

Download the summary 

In this short overview we’ve summarised the most important findings on the different topics covered in the Swiss edition of the 24th Annual CEO Survey

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Design of the survey

Structure of random sample for Switzerland

The 111 CEOs who took part in the Swiss edition represent 6 companies with revenue of more than CHF 10,000 million, 16 companies with revenue between CHF 1,000 million and CHF 9,999 million, 51 companies with revenue between CHF 101 million and CHF 999 million and 32 companies with revenue of up to CHF 100 million. 22% of the companies are listed on the stock exchange, 66% are privately owned and 12% represent the public sector. 42% of the survey participants represent Swiss family-owned companies, where the family holds at least 32% of the shares.

Das Studiendesign des CEO Survey

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