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Dr. Antonios Koumbarakis Head Sustainability & Strategic Regulatory, PwC Switzerland 27 Nov 2020

The financial services sector today is increasingly coming under worldwide regulatory pressure. Complex and swiftly evolving regulation in critical areas (e.g. sustainable finance) are radically changing the financial markets landscape.
Are you struggling to keep up with constant regulatory changes? Would you like to learn about a tool to challenge this regulatory tsunami? If so, please continue reading to discover how PwC’s Regulatory Radar can help you track all regulatory initiatives and remain on the road to success.

All-round digital solution to keep up with regulatory changes

Since the global financial crisis, regulatory reform has topped the agendas of financial institutions. Recent years have seen an explosion in the number and scope of financial market regulation – not just in Switzerland, but also in the EU and the rest of the world. It’s essential that all institutions are informed ahead of time about regulatory updates, in order to avoid missing out on critical topics and taking the required action too late. In view of this dynamic regulatory environment, compliance is increasingly challenging for financial institutions.

Our response to the regulatory avalanche is the Regulatory Radar, a web-based, cost-efficient all-round solution to take care of your regulatory foresight on various banking and financial services topics. Through its national and international network, PwC monitors all regulatory initiatives and gives a detailed overview and analysis of the latest regulatory developments concerning the financial markets in more than 40 jurisdictions around the globe (including the EU, Switzerland, UK and leading jurisdictions in Asia etc.). Our tailor-made solution replicates your specific corporate structure and focuses particularly on the following business areas:

  • Asset and wealth management
  • Banking
  • Hedge funds

With the tool, you get a very high degree of customisation in terms of your regulatory updates and repository (e.g. geographic scope, regulatory authorities, regulations and regulatory sources). What’s more, PwC’s Regulatory Radar provides a high-level impact analysis for each of your jurisdictions, client types and product types, plus a target-oriented analysis of the relevant regulatory initiatives and recommended actions.

Further rounding off the package – the application is web-based with 24-hour access. It’s easy and efficient to use and lets you prioritise clearly. The regulations are structurally updated and the database includes past and present initiatives.

COVID-19 and the Sustainable Finance Regulatory Radar

The Regulatory Radar also informs financial market participants on two very current topics:

  • Financial industry COVID-19 Regulatory Radar tracking measures taken by financial market regulators globally in response to the COVID crisis.
  • Sustainable Finance Regulatory Radar highlighting the latest sustainability-related trends worldwide.

On the one hand, to help you navigate the evolving regulatory landscape and successfully manoeuvre through this crisis, we’ve created the COVID-19 Regulatory Radar as part of our Regulatory Radar offering. Our tool closely monitors the situation in view of the continuing regulatory impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the policy responses.

On the other hand, comprehensive sustainable finance strategies and legislation are already affecting established processes, internal structures and product innovation. Considering the sustainability regulatory avalanche, the Regulatory Radar focuses on sustainable finance, allowing users to keep track of the latest sustainability-related trends worldwide. Given the broad monitoring scope, this unique feature helps you to be ‘sustainability-compliant’ and anticipate new legal obligations well in advance.

As a Radar client you’ll benefit from the entire package. We’ve got your regulatory foresight covered – and you can free up time and resources for key strategic topics and business development.

Regulatory Foresight Package

Making the most of our in-depth subject matter knowledge and hands-on experience, our Radar offering comes as part of a package – the ‘Regulatory Foresight Package’, consisting of three pillars:

  • Regulatory Radar: Our digital solution giving you a comprehensive overview of all regulatory updates that are of concern to you.
  • Regulatory Roadshows: With a workshop-style approach, our regulatory foresight experts provide you with a tailored presentation of key regulations affecting your institution in the upcoming year.
  • Foresight Report: The Strategic Regulatory Foresight Banking Report is published yearly and gives you an easy-to-read but fundamental overview of the upcoming regulations in Europe, Switzerland and globally.

As a Radar client you’ll benefit from the entire package. We’ve got your regulatory foresight covered – and you can free up time and resources for key strategic topics and business development.

Key takeaways

The Regulatory Radar is your answer to regulatory complexity and builds on these pillars:

  • Awareness through simplicity: We aim to make regulatory information accessible and useful by providing a comprehensive but easy-to-use platform.
  • Integrated approach: We developed an integrated approach, combining high-tech and value-added personal services (e.g. dedicated impact analysis).
  • Exceptional quality: All information in the Radar undergoes a thorough quality control procedure.

Curious to learn more? If you’d like to find out how the Regulatory Radar can highlight a way forward, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly or visit our website.

PwC Legal's Regulatory Radar 

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