How to develop and commercialise digital health solutions

Insights from our digital health leader survey

Innovators in digital health are facing a cooling of the market, but we are convinced that this is only a temporary headwind to profound, longer-term changes. And we are equally confident that digital health solutions will play both a crucial and essential role in the future healthcare system.

To understand which strategies companies pursue to ensure successful commercialisation of their digital health solutions and which challenges they face, we surveyed professionals across the leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Our survey explores the top five challenges facing leading pharma and MedTech companies and highlights recommendations on how they can overcome these impediments.

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Top 5 challenges when developing and commercialising digital health solutions

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Which solutions to develop

Our survey reveals an increased focus on regulated solutions, with 65% of respondents saying they will concentrate on those in the near future.

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How to build a sustainable business model

82% of our survey respondents believe that reimbursement by payers will be promising or very promising in 5–10 years.

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Who to partner with and how

In order to forge strong partnerships, companies need to have a robust data strategy and understand where to play in emerging digital health ecosystems.

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How to leverage data from digital health solutions

Only 41% of companies say they are using data to a significant extent.

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How to quickly learn to measure impact

While 80% of companies say that measuring engagement is their most important commercial KPI, fewer use metrics to track outcomes.

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