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Helping you to build efficient processes and effective controls

We use modern analytics and mining technologies to help organisations get a better understanding of their data, processes and controls. More integrated, holistic reporting gives our clients deep insights into how their processes are actually working and avenues into improving the quality and reliability of their controls.

It all adds up to greater confidence and better business decisions.

Making good business decisions requires courage and reliable information. Our clients draw on our technology and best practice experience to gain the confidence that their current processes and controls are up to scratch and the insight they need to make them even more effective, efficient and reliable going forward.

Jens Probst Partner and Leader Business Process Assurance, PwC Switzerland

What we do for clients

We draw on specialised knowledge from industry leaders and benchmark our clients’ processes and controls with standard best practices to help them build efficient processes and effective controls.


What are other industry leaders doing? How are your existing processes and controls working compared to others?

We draw on our deep industry knowledge to help you answer these questions by doing benchmark analysis and best practice studies on your behalf.

Business process mining

We use modern data analytics and business process mining tools to understand your business processes.

Rather than interviewing your staff, we start by using process mining procedures to analyse data from your systems. This gives you an objective understanding of how your processes actually work, and enables you to compare the status quo with your target processes and policies.

Our end-to-end analysis will give you more in-depth insights into different sub-processes involving different business units and users, disruptive bottlenecks, inefficient controls and potential fast track procedures.

Process analysis and optimisation

We do an end-to-end analysis of your processes as a basis for discussing ways we can help you optimise your processes and controls.

We analyse data from your systems to gain real insights into crucial questions: Do existing controls address process and regulatory risks accurately and completely? Are these controls effective? Are there significant differences between different users or business units? Are there bottlenecks within your processes? Can your controls be optimised?

After our analysis we’ll discuss with you our insights and recommendations for optimising your processes and controls.

Transformation and change

We build on the objective insights we gain to help you make your existing processes and controls more efficient, effective and reliable.

You can count on our extensive experience in helping organisations transform business processes and the underlying organisational aspects to deliver quick and sustainable results.


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Jens Probst

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