Sustainability and Climate Change

Sustainability and Climate Change

In today’s fast-changing market, your company should nonetheless plan for the long term. This will enable you to avoid regulatory risks, and will help you to manage your business in a responsible, sustainable manner. In addition, more and more stakeholders (e.g. customers, employees and NGOs) now demand transparency and sustainable actions.

At the same time, your company also needs to respond to climate change. Given the growing shortage of natural resources, it is important to adapt your current strategy accordingly. Only those companies that rise to meet this challenge will ultimately survive the competition. They may even gain a competitive advantage.

That is why we would be happy to help you to develop a sustainability strategy that is precisely tailored to your company. In doing so, we not only take into account the legislation and situation in Switzerland, but are also able to incorporate experience from other countries, thanks to our vast network.

PwC is the ideal partner to help you to deal with future national and global developments.

Our services

Sustainability strategy and implementation

We will review your existing sustainability strategy or help you to develop an appropriate new one. This also involves defining a sustainable procurement strategy and making environmentally friendly changes with regard to production.

Climate change

Climate change is bringing completely new challenges for your company. We will show you how you can calculate, and ultimately reduce, your CO2 footprint, even along your value chain. We also ensure the necessary transparency with regard to emissions.

Sustainability report

Nowadays, both consumers and business partners want to work with companies that take sustainability seriously. We can write a sustainability report for you that will help you to improve your company’s reputation and credibility even further.

Sustainability ratings

We can provide comprehensive advice in connection with a variety of sustainability ratings such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Invest sustainably

Investing sustainably is one of the most effective ways to act responsibly. We can help you to develop a sustainable investment strategy (including a strategy for your pension fund) and to analyse your portfolio (e.g. to calculate the CO2 footprint of your investment portfolio).


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