Reliable data supports sound decision-making

Reliable data supports sound decision-making

Whether buying or selling, the value of the business is the critical feature. This can often be difficult to determine with absolute certainty, at least in part because of the different methods of calculation. However, a company valuation is an essential prerequisite for price negotiations. Even transfers within a family must be based upon an accurate business valuation so that heirs can be treated equitably from a financial perspective.

An external partner is generally recommended to determine the business value with absolute precision. So you can make an informed purchase or sale decision, we will not only evaluate your business but also any potential takeover candidate.




Our business valuation services

Business valuation for transactions

We can show you the factors which influence your company valuation, and the extent of their impact. In takeover bids, we can offer you an expert report (e.g. a Fairness Opinion) and provide advice in the context of reviews or estimates in respect of financial damage.

Financial modelling

Deal modelling plus a comprehensive analysis will reveal synergies and help to map your financing structures. Business planning models with an integrated scenario analysis are an ideal basis for further corporate planning.

Valuation and taxes

We will analyse the tax implications and risks arising from reorganisation, transactions and the level of transfer price settlements. We will assess your assets in a fiscal context, so you are always best-placed to defend international transfer pricing outcomes. We will also advise on all matters relating to fair market prices, risk-adjusted return on capital as well as value composition and value distribution.


Do you wish to buy or sell a property? Or are you looking for a location for your hotel or hospital? We can help you get the most out of the buying and selling of real estate.

Financial reporting and reviews

We will review your assets and adjust them where appropriate. In addition, we will value and account for employees' stock options (IFRS 2) as well as put and call options arising within transactions

eValuation Tool


What is your business worth? Using eValuation, you can perform a business valuation and industry-specific benchmark analysis in just a few steps without any specific prior knowledge. Register now for a thorough assessment of the value of your business, whether you’re in commerce, financial services, tax or real estate.

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