ESG and innovation: helping you claim R&D benefits for projects and solutions in Switzerland

ESG (environmental, social and governance) considerations are transforming the way companies do business. They’re driving innovation in R&D and manufacturing processes to create more sustainable and carbon-neutral products and services. They’re transforming processes at each step of the value chain.

Did you know that companies could claim R&D incentives for such new developments?

PwC has developed deep expertise in helping companies across Switzerland claim tax benefits to fund innovative activities, including ESG-relevant projects. For example, we’ve enabled businesses to apply for a Swiss patent box and/or R&D super deduction. The savings are significant: for every CHF 1.00 in R&D project costs (salary costs) you incur in Switzerland, you can deduct up to CHF 1.50 on your tax return.

Could your business also be benefiting? We help you work out what’s feasible and implement the necessary steps. 

The process starts with taking a holistic look at your company’s set-up, including the location of your IP, your R&D footprint, patent strategy, key functions and external providers. On this basis we perform financial simulations to assess the savings (which may vary depending on cantonal rules) and help you apply for the relevant measures.

Our service includes meetings and negotiations with cantonal tax authorities, as well as preparing sustainable and robust R&D documentation).

Contact us to talk about ways you could be capitalising on your ESG-related initiatives:

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