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Your PwC Joint Crisis Center

Your PwC Joint Crisis Center

The war has plunged Ukraine into a humanitarian catastrophe. At the same time, the enormous ripple effects of the war are going far beyond the country’s borders and are having an impact on a large number of companies. You can count on us during these difficult times.

A crisis with enormous repercussions

The war in Ukraine is having devastating consequences for the people living there, with many in danger or fleeing troubled areas. Not only that, the impact of the conflict is also being felt far beyond Ukraine and having a direct or indirect impact on the global economic and financial system – maybe even on your own company.

Depending on your situation, your company may be faced with risks that you will need to adequately address in the short, medium or long term.

How safe are your employees? How secure are your production sites and supply chains? Which cyber risks could arise for your company as a result of this new situation? Likewise, which cyber risks could arise for your business partners? How will sanctions impact your business activities?

You can count on our experienced professionals to provide you with answers to these and other urgent questions.

The four key action areas for your company

The protection of, and support for, your employees and partners

  • How can you bring employees who are in crisis regions to safety?
  • How can you best support your teams and business partners who are located in Ukraine?
  • What support do Ukrainian and Russian employees in Switzerland need most urgently?

Among other things, our experts will offer you advice and support on corporate security and will help you to establish a sustainable crisis team.

Organisations should consider the personal tax, social security and immigration implications of its workforce working from a third country as these could give rise to filing or residency implications. For further support, please reach out to our immigration lawyers or read our latest blogpost on “Swiss S permits to protect Ukraine nationals

Safeguarding your business activities, fulfill compliance requirements and ensure continuity

  • What are the comprehensive restrictions on the import and export activities of specific goods? Read our latest update on the sanctions here.
  • How will the conflict and its associated sanctions impact your supply chains or your existing and future business relationships?
  • Is a functioning crisis, risk and business continuity management system in place? What adjustments might you have to make?
  • How can your company respond to emerging cyber risks?

Our Joint Crisis Team is a reliable partner that will stand by you and that can offer detailed assessments of cyber risks, targeted incident response as well as assessments of, and support for, your business continuity management.
Get in touch with our global trade and customs team for further support or get an overview of your global trade operations via our Trade Activator service.

Download our Export Control flyer

Data-based decisions based on an overview of the situation and specific scenarios

  • How can you obtain a complete overview of the situation that is always up to date?
  • What scenarios are possible in the short-, medium- and long-term – and how likely are they? (“super-forecast”)
  • To what extent do you have to change your business relationships with Ukrainian and Russian business partners?

Our offering covers, for instance, the modelling and evaluation of short-, medium- and long-term scenarios as well as digital solutions for business partner review (KYBP – Know Your Business Partner).

Overview and understanding of sanctions and impacts on the financial markets and accounting

  • How will the financial markets (continue to) respond to the war and its associated sanctions?
  • To what extent do the economic and financial sanctions affect your company and/or your suppliers and service providers?
  • To what extent can you access assets in Ukraine and Russia?
  • In our blog Accounting implications of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Accounting Consulting Services team helps you understand the impact of the current developments on the financial statements of your company.

Our Sanctions Compliance Center of Excellence’s connected screening services, for example, will help you to understand how sanctions will impact your company, your industry and your business partners.

Tackling the crisis together

Depending on the situation, you may want to protect your employees or safeguard your business operations. To do that, you can count on the help of our experts from the various lines of service, who are experienced at dealing with crises. We work together with you to decide where you need to take action and how.

Your Joint Crisis team

  • provides you with combined expertise from the areas of business, politics, cybersecurity, forensics and risk management
  • puts you in touch with the right experts quickly and easily
  • processes conflict scenarios in a way which enables you and your teams to make swift decisions
  • helps you respond to different scenarios in an appropriate and far-sighted way.

How should you respond during a time of war and crisis? We are here to help.

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