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Taking control to the next level – All Eyes on Trust

Taking control to the next level – All Eyes on Trust

Have you considered how digitalisation can help streamline your control environment to increase risk transparency and reduce your compliance effort? 

Digitalisation and finance transformation is driven by technologies such as SAP S/4HANA, advanced analytics, robotics process automation, FinTech, artificial intelligence and natural language processing. We apply these technologies to provide you a new perspective on risks and controls: more effective ways to prevent and detect risks and new ways to reduce the cost of compliance. And yes, these technologies also introduce additional risks that need to be addressed.

We can equip you with a next level control environment that fully leverages your technology investments, with in-depth risk transparency at a lower cost of compliance.



Digitalisation drives fundamental change, creating new risks and new opportunities for you to address risks in more advanced ways. We help you seize these opportunities and stay safe throughout and beyond your transformation.

Paul de Jong Partner, Risk Assurance, PwC Switzerland



Why is this relevant for you?

We help organisations in every industry successfully deal with the following questions:

Can my Finance Transformation initiative also transform how we think about risks and controls?

Centralising, standardising and automating processes in shared service centers offers great potential to weed out many manual detailed process level controls. Using data analytics, we quickly identify areas with high potential for process standardisation and automation. Our automated benchmarking against our ERP specific best control practices points out where you are underusing system-based controls functionality. We help you improve risk transparency and reduce your control effort by replacing your manual controls with more efficient automated controls (e.g. through robotics) and more precise business performance reviews (supported by advanced analytics).

How can I best use technology to reduce my cost of compliance?

We know what new technologies have to offer, which technologies best meet your specific requirements, how to adapt and embed them in your control environment.

Can I streamline my financial reporting process as well?

We have helped large companies in Switzerland to simplify and automate the creation of their financial reports. By using SmartNotes, these companies now need less time and money to design, create, update, quality assure and publish the subsequent report versions.

Which technology can help me implement accounting standard changes, like for IFRS 16 or IFRS 17?

We can provide you with an objective view to select the technology solution that would best support your implementation strategy. In addition to providing leading accounting experience, we can also share our experience in implementing such solutions.

How can we marry reliability of traditional transaction processing with speed-to-market of digital, and address new threats and regulations all at the same time with our current IT budget?

Having the right IT processes and controls in place is key to meet the ever increasing and changing, sometimes even conflicting, requirements. We can fast track you to an integrated IT control framework that gives you most bang for the buck (one control addresses multiple requirements) and considers also the latest regulatory (e.g. GDPR) and technological (e.g. RPA) developments.

We are moving processes to the cloud. What do I need to consider from a risks and controls perspective?

Using cloud providers can have important advantages, such as reduced costs and improved security. It also creates additional interdependencies and complexities. It does not change your responsibility and accountability towards your stakeholders. We can help you understand the risks (e.g. cyber) from all angles and ensure you have the right controls in place. If you are a cloud provider, we can provide your clients with assurance on your control environment through SOC1, SOC2 or SOC3 reports, confirming complying with ISAE or SSAE standards for entire business processes, IT general controls and IT infrastructure.

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