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We provide research-based insights into the latest cloud and digital trends which are shaping future business operations. The publications give guidance to technology, data and business leaders on how to transform organisations, stay on top of innovation, and align organisational and technological needs.

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Prafull Sharma 
Partner and Cloud & Digital Leader, PwC Switzerland
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Data Leaders Luncheons 

Our Data Leaders Luncheons are a platform that aims at CDOs, key decision makers, and others responsible for Data and Analytics initiatives to discuss current challenges that companies are facing.  

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Our Cloud & Digital team

Do you want to learn more about our insights and our work around cloud and digital, please get in touch with our community of solvers:

Matthias Leybold

Partner Technology & Data, PwC Switzerland

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“Empowering businesses to fully leverage the power of technology and data for growth and innovation.”

Claudius Meyer

Partner and Cloud Transformation Leader, PwC Switzerland

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“Supporting businesses in their journey to the cloud - from cloud strategy to execution.”

Joscha Milinski

Partner and Data Strategy & Management Leader, PwC Switzerland

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“Making companies data-driven through strategic enablement of data functions and their transformation.”

Rejhan Fazlic

Partner and Technology Strategy & Transformation Leader, PwC Switzerland

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“Enabling digital transformation through effective IT strategy, implementation, and management.”

Sarthak Mahapatra

Managing Director and Global Business Services Leader, PwC Switzerland

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“Establishing and delivering business services that enable global growth and expansion.”

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Cloud Business Survey 

This paper zooms in on the findings specific to Switzerland, offering both interesting and, at times, unexpected insights. 

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The global footprint of Data & Analytics 

Design your data and analytics outsourcing journey

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Prometheus: Our trade surveillance solution

Our insider trading detection solution offers efficient and effective AI-based stock exchange market surveillance.  

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Prafull Sharma

Prafull Sharma

Partner, Cloud & Digital Leader, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 18 72