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Own the moment and pivot quickly

As businesses around the world continue to manage the fallout of COVID-19, having a value creation plan has never been more important.

As a business leader, you know that today’s decisions define tomorrow’s value. Whether you’re pursuing an acquisition, considering a divestiture or looking to improve your enterprise performance, we help you act fast so you can turn moments of uncertainty into opportunities.

From improving your market positioning to maximising shareholder return, value creation is your way to a more resilient tomorrow.

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Explore a broader perspective

The route to recovery can be a bumpy road. Businesses need to be in the best possible shape for the journey — and that means focusing on four critical areas before everything else.

Whatever your unique situation, PwC is here to help. Read more on how you can Act now to recover. Or explore how to reset costs and emerge stronger.

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Creating shareholder value means driving efficiency, cultivating resilience, and contributing to societal health. The global pandemic has shined a spotlight on the resilience and societal components of this ecosystem, necessitating new mindsets, priorities, and management approaches for leaders focused on long-term value creation.

Read more on Why ESG will become a vital part of deals.

In a rebounding market, some companies will turn to M&A, spotting opportunities for growth.  Others may sell to remain competitive. In either scenario, it starts with a strategic look at your portfolio and asking the right questions about where to allocate capital.

Explore how to Create value beyond the deal or take advantage of Tomorrow’s deal dynamics.

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Many industries need to rethink and reconfigure their businesses to meet the new demands of customers and other stakeholders.

We anticipate businesses will engage in M&A with a value creation focus as they reconfigure their operations and look forward to the long term.

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Investment continues to flow into private markets. In the wake of COVID-19, however, private markets managers face challenging economic conditions and a more complex definition of what constitutes value. As private markets come to make up an increasing proportion of the global capital markets, the sector is also becoming more regulated and scrutinised than ever before. How can you reconfigure your value creation playbook to outperform in this tough environment? You’ll need a strategy that focuses more closely on strategic positioning, operational excellence and capital efficiency in your business and the portfolios you manage. Read our new value creation playbook.

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The value bridge

A value bridge can be used to help identify and evaluate the strategic agenda for value creation, both organic and inorganic, in order to prioritise initiatives that will result in the highest value capture. Every company situation is unique, so the application of the value bridge will vary by sector and for different circumstances.


Value decline

  • Business impact of COVID-19

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Continue to value preservation

Value preservation
Initiatives to protect company and company value

  • Operations

    Streamline and remove inefficiencies and cost from your business. Or explore how technology such as automation can relieve pressure on your existing operations and resources.

  • Liquidity and cash

    Reducing debt, increasing available working capital or accessing the most efficient form of cash to finance acquisitions.

  • Financial restructuring

    Restructuring options to improve your financial position and address covenant pressure, credit challenges or improve transparency to keep your creditors onside.

  • Strategic mechanism

    Strategic options such as mergers and acquisitions through to wind-downs of company structures


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Continue to value creation

Value creation
Strategic, operational and financial initiatives to create value

  • Strategic repositioning

    Maximise value of the business by effective changes in portfolio, capital allocation or through transformative M&A.

  • Performance improvement

    Drive opportunities for transformational business improvement through growth and operational efficiencies, whilst considering any potential headwinds.

  • Asset optimisation

    Optimise net working capital, capex, tax and other balance sheet items, considering the implications of different strategic and operational choices

  • Multiple impact

    Apply a stakeholder expectations lens to the business to identify areas of opportunity and risk including purpose, resilience and ESG that impact the multiple of a business.

Creating value in this changed world will take a lot more than returning to a more efficient 'business as usual'. This is a risky environment, but organisations that keep their attention focused on value creation, in the deal and beyond, will be best placed to succeed.

Marc SchmidliPartner, Deals and Valuations Leader, PwC Switzerland

Value Creation at PwC

Exploring unexpected angles, our diverse team of experts works with you to define new approaches to value creation—from making your business more resilient to bolstering sustainable performance. Bringing our expertise in finance and operations, as well as in deals, strategy, tax, accounting, data and analytics, we go wide to make sure your whole business is powering future growth. We look holistically at all aspects of an organisation’s performance to propose enterprise-wide transformation initiatives or smaller scale optimisation programs.


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