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Transcend with PwC

Looking to move to the cloud in a more sustainable, value-driven way? Seeking continuous innovation throughout your business transformation journey? RISE with SAP, transcend with PwC is a comprehensive Business Transformation as a Service offering enabling you to realise the full value of your cloud investment more quickly. 

The benefits are concrete: RISE with SAP is demonstrated to reduce the total cost of ownership of SAP S/4HANA Cloud by up to 20%1 over five years compared with a traditional ERP deployment.

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1: TCO reductions and timelines are modelled estimates from interviewed company data taken from the following IDC studies: ECC and SAP S/4HANA TCO study (Nov. 2020) and IDC SAP S/4HANA Business Value Study (March 2020).

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Our approach to this is called Transcend with PwC and it is built on a clear vision that will help you go beyond transformation; We combine business transformation and S/4HANA assets with industry and business function value frameworks to supplement RISE with SAP and help our clients maximise the business value of your S/4HANA Cloud business transformation –  laying the foundation for your long-term digital success.

Transcend with PwC is structured into four logical phases:

We’ll help you expand your horizons by designing a holistic cloud strategy that spans both your SAP and non-SAP environments.

Murugananth ChockalingamPartner, Advisory, PwC Switzerland

Design the cloud strategy, build the cloud architecture, develop the cloud governance model

Build the case for change and plan the path forward

Quick adoption and leveraging cloud, network adoption and onboarding suppliers into the extended enterprise

Drive continuous innovation and optimisation through the cloud life cycle

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Murugananth  Chockalingam

Murugananth Chockalingam

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