Are you suffering a cyber, privacy or data breach?

Contact our world class incident response team located in Switzerland for expert support at any stage of a breach.

Helping you protect what matters the most and to do the right thing

Expert support is at hand from PwC and our legal & regulatory specialists from the Legal Practice in PwC Switzerland at any stage of a breach.

Breaches are harmful, disruptive and costly. They can affect any organisation at any time. It is important to act quickly to minimise harm, and deal with incidents efficiently and safely.

An experienced and trusted team

Our experienced Swiss and international team of incident response professionals can help at any stage of a breach - whether you need initial guidance and advice or you need to take more immediate action. With a wealth of business expertise across multiple industries, our trusted Breach aid specialists are ready to help investigate, contain and resolve all kinds of cyber, privacy and data breaches.

Offering a full range end-to-end cyber security and data protection services, you are in good hands.

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Breach aid offers a holistic approach – from start to finish

Other incident response providers may tell you that the single key priority if you suffer a breach is your immediate response: to contain the damage and get back to business as quickly as possible. Job done.

We recognise that this is clearly important. But we also recognise that this is only part of the solution for truly successful management of an incident. Three distinct areas need to be working together immediately upon incident detection through to resolving the problem: technical resolution, business management and legal and regulation management.

Meet our Swiss Breach aid expert

Urs Küderli

Partner Cybersecurity and Privacy, Zurich, PwC Switzerland

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Yan Borboën

Partner Cybersecurity and Privacy, PwC Switzerland

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PwC Cybersecurity is a multi-disciplinary group of cyber security, technology risk & forensics specialists who provide end-to-end cybersecurity Consulting Services across the whole lifecycle, from strategy through design and implementation to operation.

We are the largest professional security consulting provider worldwide as ranked by Gartner and operate 55 forensic laboratories in 42 countries including Switzerland. Having a range of proprietary tools covering breach detection, intrusion analysis and threat intelligence we can provide a "follow the sun" model for cybersecurity services acrosss all industries. 

The PwC Incident Response team is ‘one of the world’s most elite teams of corporate defenders’

Financial Times

Why PwC?

We are a safe pair of hands trusted by governments and industry and have handled some of their most sensitive issues. 

Technical Resolution

  • We have delivered incident response services for more than 15 years, have more than 650 staff globally for this service and operate 55 forensic laboratories in 42 countries including Switzerland. We focus on resolving your issues, protecting your brand and minimising drama.
  • We combine leading commercial technology with proprietary intelligence on targeted threat actors gleaned from incident response engagements and our full time threat research team. This enables us to rapidly identify, investigate and resolve intrusions.

Business Management

  • We have advised some of the world's most targeted organisations on how to make their businesses resilient to the most sophisticated cyber threats.
  • We have helped executive committees and boards ensure that the way they deal with security incidents builds and maintains trust with all their stakeholders including customers, shareholders, regulators and employees. 

Legal and Regulation Management

  • Our legal & regulatory team helps clients deal with complex regulatory compliance matters, and works with regulators around the world on a regular basis. 
  • Susanne Hofmann who leads our Data Protection Regulatory Compliance team can help ensure that you meet your regulatory obligations and maintain the confidence of regulators during and after a breach. 

Be prepared

Our experienced team can help you to prepare for and prevent future breaches to help you protect what matters the most. Contact us if you are interested in any of the workshops on the following topics.

Incident response preparedness and crisis management exercise

When an incident happens we can help you to be fully prepared, whether that is having the right data captured to support a full forensic investigation, or structuring an incident management governance process.

Board briefing session

We help Boards (executive and non-executive directors) to understand the real risks posed by cyber security and privacy, and to clarify what their role should be to ensure those risks are effectively managed.

Penetration testing and simulated attack

We can prepare you for what an attack might look and feel like - will you be sufficiently prepared to react?

Legal health check

A review of whether you have considered and addressed your critical legal obligations for cyber security and data protection.

Compromise discovery assessment

This short, targeted and tactical session provides deep insight into active and historical breaches in your environment, and offers strategic recommendations on how you can best defend your critical assets against them.

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Urs Küderli

Urs Küderli

Partner Cybersecurity and Privacy, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 42 21

Yan Borboën

Yan Borboën

Partner Cybersecurity and Privacy, PwC Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 792 84 59