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Upskilling is critical for enabling people to live, learn, work and contribute in our rapidly changing world

The need to upskill is a complex problem that will require decision-makers — educators, federal and local government administrators and business leaders — to come together.

Our jobs are changing, and fast. Many roles are disappearing altogether, while new ones are springing up. The discrepancy between the skills people have and those needed for jobs now and in the future is one of the most critical problems of our time.

Over the past few years PwC Switzerland has been and continues to make major efforts in terms of upskilling, investing in training our people, and in technologies for supporting clients and communities. Together we can grow tomorrow’s workers today. In the process, we’ll make the world a more resilient, more capable and more inclusive place.

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What do people really think about the impact of technology on jobs? 

We asked more than 22,000 workers to share their hopes and fears.  Here’s what they told us:


Change is coming Digital skills are key Opportunity Awaits Education Matters


How to start upskilling

The digital revolution and our fast-changing world requires a skills revolution. And it’s not just about the digital skills. The skills revolution is about helping people build their digital awareness, emotional intelligence and creativity to fully participate in the digital future workplace — and it needs to start now.

At PwC, we are working with other organisations across the world, building on our work with clients and on upskilling our 276,000 people. Still, more must be done if we are to ensure everyone has the opportunity to learn, work and participate in the digital world. This is at the heart of our purpose.

How do organisations upskill?

Organisations are transforming their workforces to drive productivity, innovation and growth. Upskilling is key. It’s about anticipating the right skills for the future, laying the cultural foundation, delivering modern upskilling programmes, and building a learning and development function with the right EdTech to deliver a vastly better return on upskilling investment. 

Are you ready to take your upskilling journey to the next level with us? PwC’s Digital Upskilling Academy - go from zero to digital hero.

How can businesses, governments and institutions work together on this complex issue?

Solutions to the challenge of upskilling will need to be developed at the local, regional and national level, and no organisation can do this alone. Government leaders and policymakers need to ensure that citizens have the knowledge to participate, and they themselves have the knowledge to drive discussion on the future of technology and regulation. Institutions, such as those that make up the education system, need to digitally transform themselves and at the same time provide services that are fit for the future.

Read about PwC’s involvement in the Luxembourg Digital Skills Bridge project, a government-led initiative which brought together stakeholders across business, trade unions and training providers to deliver a comprehensive national solution for developing workforce skills.

The need to upskill is a complex problem that will require decision-makers — educators, national, regional and local government administrators and business leaders — to come together. If you would like to find out more about what we at PwC are doing, get in touch.

Hopes and fears 2021

With 39% of workers worried that their job will become obsolete in the next 5 years, it’s not surprising that leading Swiss companies have turned to Next-Gen strategic workforce planning. People want the opportunity to upskill themselves and 40% think they have demonstrated this by successfully improving their digital skills. But what are companies doing about the other 60%, how many will change jobs to get the right opportunities?

Many workers say a year of remote work drove them to improve their digital skills, but there are still lingering anxieties about tech's impact on future jobs. Learn more from PwC's Hopes & Fears Survey.

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Productivity 2021 and beyond: Five pillars for a better workforce

Upskilling the workforce of the future to create a competitive advantage in financial services.

In our first productivity report, published in 2019, we identified six areas that our survey showed were the focus of most institutions’ productivity efforts. Now, in our second survey, we realise that one of them, improving workforce digital IQ, is integral to and interwoven with all of the others.



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Swiss edition of the «24th Annual CEO Survey»

111 Swiss CEOs gave answers on how they are dealing with the effects of COVID-19. But also about the opportunities and risks associated with the accelerated digital transformation.





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Upskilling for shared prosperity

In recent years, the rise of automation and new technologies has transformed the world of work. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated these trends and widened inequalities, resulting in the urgent need for large-scale upskilling and reskilling to ensure people around the world develop the skills they need for the jobs of today and tomorrow.  

In our new report, developed in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, we make the case for upskilling and highlight some of the challenges.


How PwC is upskilling 284,000 people

Not so long ago, PwC’s leaders recognized that as we continued to evolve as a business, we had to upskill our workforce. Doing this required changing the way we worked and interacted, focusing on behavior as much as business and technological skills — and meeting our people where they were in terms of their existing skills.

Several PwC leaders tell the story of our digital transformation and upskilling.  Let’s talk about your digital transformation journey and how we can help.

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Stepping forward: Connecting today’s youth to the digital future

Digitally disadvantaged young people were hit especially hard by the pandemic. It’s time for a bold new agenda. PwC and UNICEF, in support of Generation Unlimited, believe securing digital access for millions of youth can be a driver of new, more resilient economies.


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Insights on upskilling

We’ve pulled together research and insights to guide your decision-making on how to upskill. 


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