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New world. New skills.

The future starts now: we help you reimagine the power of people so we can tackle the most urgent challenges today – for a better tomorrow.

The future starts now. Are you ready?

The world of work is changing fast, and people are feeling it: according to PwC’s latest workplace survey, 50% of workers are excited or confident about the future, but 39% fear that their job will be obsolete within five years. Megatrends such as digitalisation that were already altering traditional working models have been accelerated by COVID-19. Individuals all over the world have been forced to work from home and embrace virtual arrangements full time. Smart organisations are applying the lessons learned to make their workforce more resilient in the next crisis – and they’re using the experience as a springboard to meet the challenge of attracting and retaining a new generation of digital natives with different expectations and approaches to work and life in general.

Businesses must reimagine their strategies and structures to create a new workforce ecosystem. This includes reassessing their ability to support remote working longer term, and applying innovative approaches to strategic workforce planning, the design of future roles, skill gap analysis and job matching – all while giving their employees a better work experience. All of this requires a rethink of the role of learning and development in transformation and upskilling, as well as a clear vision of the culture change needed to embed new ways of working in the DNA of the organisation. 

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Making your workforce ready for the future

At PwC Switzerland we follow a people-centred approach to tackling workforce change and transformation. We focus on two interlinked topics:

  • The new world of work that’s emerging from megatrends such as automation, demographic shifts and the imprints that COVID-19 has left on society.
  • The new skills and behaviours that are required from every single person to align with the changes facing the world of work.

Our aim is to pick up where you’ve already started. The future of work can’t be pinned to a specific start and end date. It’s a continuous process of planning – implementing – rethinking – adapting. We endeavour to understand your individual approach to tackling the challenges of the future. Getting to know your vision, your plans and how you’re implementing them helps us find a clear direction to travel in, build a path that’s future ready, and work with you to make it tangible and sustainable. 

Mapping the way forward

Our jobs are changing, and fast. Many roles are disappearing altogether while new ones are springing up. From a company perspective, digitalisation will affect a large part of the workforce as tasks and activities are automated, existing job profiles change and new positions are created. There are likely to be more positions for highly qualified employees and fewer medium or low-skilled jobs.

We see a growing need to plan the workforce and implement a talent strategy to keep up with constant changes in the workplace. If you want to shape your business for sustained growth now and going forward, you need to take a holistic view of your workforce from strategy and organisational design all the way to cultural adaptation. It’s partly about rightsizing organisations, transformation and technology, including in HR; but it’s also about transforming the people using this technology and upskilling them. This affects HR, but also the leadership and employees across the entire organisation. Expectations of HR and leadership are changing and increasing. They need to work closely together and lead the way in reinventing the roles of the workforce, HR and leadership in the execution of strategy and creating and sustaining a great employee experience.

Creating the office of the future

The changing nature of work is driving the transformation of workspaces from the place where assigned tasks are completed under direct supervision to intentional spaces where collaboration and engagement drive innovation and productivity. Gone are the days of show up, get work done, go home, repeat.

Today, work is flexible and collaborative and increasingly creative. Consider trends like remote work, video conferencing, cloud computing and other innovative disruptions affecting physical spaces. Organisations are moving away from traditional office environments towards spaces that mirror how we work and live. These changes require not just new technologies, but a new working culture that enables people to get the most out of them while mitigating the (many) pitfalls and risks of the new normal.

Giving employees what they need to thrive

As COVID-19 gives everyone a taste of new hybrid approaches to work and a new generation of self-determined digital natives enters the workplace, companies have to allow new ways of thinking. They need to work on the assumption that change will be continuous, encourage their people to accept this, and actively steer attitudes and behaviours accordingly. Flourishing in a future with built-in uncertainty requires agility. If you want your workforce to thrive and contribute to the success of your business, you need to encourage agile collaboration where the views of both staff and management are taken on board. And you need new, imaginative and flexible approaches to learning and development.

A hugely valuable spin-off is that this helps create a great employee experience – already a major asset when it comes to attracting and retaining talent.

Preparing and empowering for the new world of work

The discrepancy between the skills people have and those needed for jobs now and in the future is one of the most critical problems of our time. The way humans and machines work together needs to be redefined. More digital and social skills are required.

We’re leading by example and sharing our experience with our clients. Over the past few years, PwC Switzerland has been making major efforts in terms of upskilling, investing in training people and in technologies for supporting clients and communities. Together we can grow tomorrow’s workers today. In the process, we’ll make the world a more resilient, more capable and more inclusive place. It’s time to appreciate and foster lifelong learning and train ourselves and our people to adapt to change. 

What are the most pressing questions we need to ask ourselves?

The questions you ask, and the answers you come up with, will depend on where you are right now on this journey and where you want to go. We at PwC use leading design thinking and transformation frameworks underpinned by best-in-class culture change and change management approaches to help you focus on the most important questions – as the basis for finding the most appropriate and feasible responses for your organisation.

What does our future look like? 
What are the biggest drivers of change? 
How will they affect our workforce? 
What skills will be needed? 
How does our workforce need to change? 
Do we have the right support to evolve, upskill and/or reskill? 
How can we create such an environment? 
What kind of measures do I need to take now? 
In two years or in five? 
Do we know the first concrete step to take to prepare for the future? 
Are we agile enough? 
How do I get the right balance between running my business now and being ready for the challenges of the future?

Why work with PwC to transform your workforce?

  • To see your workforce strategy from different angles and create a bold vision that unleashes the potential of your people.
  • To build and establish a post-Covid strategy which is an innovative combination of experiences, technologies and policies that make your new approach lasting.
  • To support your workforce’s wellbeing by creating a culture where employees can be happier and more productive.
  • To equip your workforce with the skills to perform their work, thrive and spark innovation. 

The future starts now. It’s not something that simply happens to us. We as companies and individuals can actively shape what our future looks like.

Jose MarquesPartner People and Organisation and Leader New world. New skills., PwC Switzerland

The future starts now

Contact us if you’re looking for an understanding partner to help you navigate your organisation through these unpredictable waters.

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