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Challenges from the increasing regulation

Synopsis of the most important regulatory developments.

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Erfahren Sie mehr über die wichtigsten Neuerungen in den Bereichen der Regulatorien und Steuern in der Bankenwelt.

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Banking innovations for the future

Swiss Banks have had a hard time recently: reform of statutory regulations, increased capital requirements and record low interest rates have eroded profit margins. New technologies and innovation provide a possible way out, though they pose their own risks. Therefore, exceptionally well-crafted solutions and sophisticated strategies are needed to remain competitive. 

Financial statement & regulatory audit

The auditing of annual reports and financial information is one of our core competencies – though naturally we can offer our clients much more. 

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Data analytics and quantitative specialists

We can assess complex financial instruments for you and carry out Big Data analysis. Our experts can also help you to develop and test new models. 

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Intense competition has prompted increased consolidation in the banking industry. Whether you are a buyer or seller, we can support your planning and implementation.

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Forensic specialists

According to research (Economic Crime Survey 2014), there is no industry more prone to irregularities than the banking sector. Our specialists can help you to uncover – and prevent – misconduct.

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Business technology management

Technologies and data play a crucial role in economic success - our experts will show you how to protect these vital aspects of your business.

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Tax and legal services

The development of capital and tax-efficient structures is another of our core competencies. We can support your tax planning and ensure your tax functions are both efficient and compliant.

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Legal Regulatory

Regulation is the new core discipline for financial intermediaries. Our interdisciplinary expertise will help you efficiently comply with the statutory regulations governing your business - a cost reduction which will deliver you a strategic advantage. 

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