Change Management & Communication

Empowered people are productive people

Master the human side of your transformation journey

Ensure high productivity and employees’ engagement by creating a smooth path for your employees to move from the status quo to the desired digital workplace.

Make sure that the transition to a digital workplace includes upskilling, targeted activities and measures to enable your staff to use the new applications efficiently.

Getting a digital workplace right results in:

  • 20%+ increase in employee job satisfaction
  • 10%+ improvement in employee performance

Upskill and empower your employees without leaving anyone behind

We walk you through the process of understanding your workforce and situation to envision your desired state.

We help you develop a customised change management strategy by creating and executing tailormade learning paths and communications, so you can keep your employees engaged and empowered. 

Getting employees to take advantage of a digital workplace technology can be a painful process – either because they don’t know the full range of features, don’t understand the relevance to their day-to-day responsibilities, or don’t have the time to research and explore. 

Low level of employee engagement results in extra costs, frustration and productivity loss.

  • Understand your user profile by performing an initial analysis of your teams 
  • Build a customised strategy to educate, upskill and train your employees
  • Utilise modern, interactive, customised training methods based on video sessions, quizzes and interactive learning

  • Better adoption rate of new services
  • Increased employee satisfaction with new services
  • Upskilled and engaged employees
  • Increased productivity
  • Enablement of new forms of collaboration
  • Improved knowledge sharing and talent retention

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Our modular service map helps you shape your modern workplace transformation programme and assures thorough implementation of customised tools and technology.

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