Climate change and net zero

We take you step by step along the path to net zero.

Climate change is one of the most pressing problems facing our world today. Climate change is a reality, climate protection is a must and net zero is a future-oriented requirement. Therefore, more and more companies, investors and public organisations are committing to net zero to combat climate change.

To deliver on their net zero commitments, companies will need to undertake end-to-end business transformation. This includes understanding the implications of net zero for a company’s growth strategy and operating model, and embedding net zero across all business functions from governance, to supply chains, to finance and innovation.

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Checklist for a successful net zero transformation

To help you guide through the net zero journey, PwC has defined nine key building blocks for corporate net zero transformation. This checklist includes actions and suggestions that companies should be considering rather than steps that are expected to be in place from day one. 

1 - Ambition


Alignment of company ambition with achieving global net zero by no later than 2050, underpinned by a science-based-targets approach to limiting warming to 1.5oC. Define what good practice on ambition looks like.

2 - Governance


Oversight and accountability for net zero driven through the entire organisation, including at the highest levels of the company and the enterprise Risk Management.

3 - Strategy


Net zero is embedded in the company strategy, including its growth strategy and functional strategies to maximise value and build resilience in a changing climate.

4 - Enterprise transformation

Enterprise transformation

The company is structured to achieve net zero, with the operating model designed to deliver net zero targets. A holistic change management programme is designed and executed where required.

5 - Supply chain

Supply chain

Net zero is integrated across the whole supply chain to build a well-connected, smart, efficient and low-carbon supply chain ecosystem. This includes adapting supply chain strategy, aligning with existing transformation efforts and helping the supply chain to decarbonise.

6 - Innovation


The company invests in R&D and builds innovation into ways of working to harness emerging technologies and develop new solutions to deliver net zero at pace. Net zero is embedded in the innovation/R&D strategy, in product and service development, and corporate ventures.

7 - Finance


Substantial commitment and willingness to finance net zero transformation through existing and new finance functions and modalities.

8 - Transparency


Provides transparent and balanced information on progress against net zero ambition, including business transformation.

9 - Engagement and influence

Engagement and influence

Engages and influences stakeholders across ecosystems to enable change at pace and scale.

Download the checklist

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