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Stay ahead of the game with our Sports Business Team

Over the last 20 years, the international sports industry has experienced a period of unprecedented growth. A number of chronic issues such as doping, governance and corruption scandals has also confronted it. Furthermore, global megatrends such as rapid shifts in fan engagement and digital consumption are ushering a new era of challenges for the industry. How can sports organisations turn these challenges into opportunities and grow their business?

PwC’s Sports Business Advisory Team is composed of a group of industry experts that have worked for international federations, mega events and leading sports marketing agencies. Collectively, the team has a broad range of experience, and the expertise to help solve the business challenges faced by sports industry clients in a variety of contexts.

  • Strategy
    We have first-hand experience in helping clients achieve their objectives, be it by supporting their market entries, re-evaluating their strategy, exploring untapped opportunities, or supporting their design and launch of new products and services.

  • Organisation and operating model
    We help our clients critically assess the way they do business, providing them with objective analyses of their operational challenges and practical recommendations for optimising efficiency and improving performance.

  • Business planning
    Tailored business planning services enable our clients to forecast future financial performance based on a variety of strategic options and scenarios.

  • Deals
    We help organisations to assess risks, and evaluate opportunities to improve operating performance and enhance the value of investment through process improvement, market repositioning, management reorganisation, governance restructuring, and other strategic initiatives. We provide the full range of deal services required by sports industry investors, including full-scope due diligence, valuation and advice throughout the entire M&A deal life cycle.

  • Digital services
    Digital innovations have changed the way fans interact with sports properties. Established sports organisations are often playing catch-up with the latest trends that are directly affecting their business model and operations. In collaboration with our PwC Experience Centre, we help our clients to stay ahead in the digital transformation curve.

David Dellea
Director Sports Business Advisory, Zurich
Tel: +41 58 792 24 06



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